Emmerdale spoiler – Pierce rocked by new arrival

Get ready for a new arrival in Emmerdale next week and the newcomer is going to send Pierce Harris into a spin!

The master manipulator starts the week acting rather suspiciously when he’s spotted taking a number of secret phone calls.

Then Vanessa Woodfield sees him meeting up with someone he claims to be a university friend, but she’s intrigued when she sees his friend give him a note which he then discards.

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Vanessa retrieves it but is furious when she reads its content and decides to play with fire by texting the number on Pierce’s note.

By the end of the week Rhona and Pierce set out on their stag and hen parties, but it’s not long before the groom gets jealous and decides to gatecrash Rhona’s party in the Woolpack.

Rhona’s happy to see him there but both are stunned when Vanessa walks in with a stranger.

Pierce and Vanessa are shocked by the arrival but will this person finally put a stop to the wedding?

Michelle Hardwick, who plays Vanessa, teased: “There was little snippets of him being controlling and manipulative but Vanessa has really seen that now he’s threatened her and her baby. It’s going to get quite dark, there’s a long way to go yet.”

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