Emmerdale spoiler – Pierce’s sex tape revenge

Emmerdale rapist Pierce Harris plans to humiliate Rhona Kirk when she takes the stand to give evidence against him.

The villager has bravely decided to press charges against him after he raped her on their wedding day and the pair are set to face off in court.

But Pierce is planning to add to her agony and humiliating her in open court by showing the sex tape he recorded months ago.

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He had told her that he destroyed the tape but he kept hold of it, knowing that he could use it as evidence against her.

Pierce hopes that the sex tape will murky the water when it comes to Rhona’s character, with the jury questioning her if she’s happy to film such x-rated footage.

Rhona’s horrified to learn Pierce’s defence plan to use the sex tape as evidence and when she explains to Vanessa what’s happened, Rhona ends up snapping and getting angry.

Later Paddy checks on Rhona and she’s comforted by him especially when he agrees to stay over. They share a hug but unbeknownst to them someone is taking a photo of them together…

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