Emmerdale spoiler – Ross and Debbie reunited?

Emmerdale could be lining up a reunion between Ross Barton and Debbie Dingle as the pair get closer next week

It all starts when Debbie teases Ross at the garage and leads him on into thinking something is going to happen before playing a trick which puts him in his place.

Later, Ross proves he’s a loyal friend to Debbie when he lands her a party at the Woolpack and agrees to help her set up whilst Faith, eager to make things up with Pollard, arranges a get together for the locals in the backroom.

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As the party kicks off, Ross makes Debbie jealous flirting with the birthday girl, Jools, while Debbie ensures the teenagers don’t get their hands on alcohol.

Meanwhile, in the backroom, Sarah overhears Faith remarking on the potential for profit in selling alcohol to teenagers and decides to act on it selling shots in the toilets.

Soon Debbie becomes suspicious when she spots drunk teenagers and creates a distraction to get to the bottom of it.  

As the drunk teenagers run wild, Jools’ husband, Roger, arrives to discover his wife in the loos with Ross.

A fight ensues between the two men ending up in Ross being beaten up. Debbie tends to his wounds and there’s a spark between them but will Debbie continue to fight it?

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