Emmerdale spoiler – Vanessa’s confused about her sexuality

Emmerdale’s Vanessa Woodfield is left red faced next week as she has to come to terms with her x-rated encounter with Charity Dingle.

The pair got steamy and Charity is amused Vanessa is so embarrassed and in denial over what they’ve done when she attempts to sneak out undetected.

Outside, Paddy clocks she has spent the night with Charity, but Vanessa is soon relieved when he agrees to talk to Charity, to stop any rumours before they start.

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In a state of panic over what she had done, Vanessa asks Daz Spencer for a drink to prove to herself and others she is straight.

But when Daz offers the Woolpack as a venue, Vanessa’s full of dismay when Charity does her best to make their date awkward.

When Charity reveals the truth, embarrassed Vanessa flees the pub mortified. Later, supportive Rhona tries to help Vanessa come to terms with her sexuality but she’s left troubled and confused by her new feelings.

Vanessa promptly leaves to proposition Daz in an attempt to prove she is straight but is she making the right decision?

Michelle Hardwick, who plays Vanessa, said: “Vanessa is mortified about other people finding out, especially her dad because Charity is the person who split him and Megan up, and Frank has always said Charity is poisonous. Of all the people she could’ve had a drunken kiss with!”

She added: “I’m just pleased to have a love interest again after two years. Although I had no idea they were going to go down this route.

“Vanessa kissed Rhona a few years ago and they spooned but they didn’t sleep together. But I like the fact that Vanessa’s problem is over the fact it’s Charity she’s kissed, not that it’s another woman!”

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