Emmerdale spoiler – Village favourite dies next week

Get ready for some explosive action in Emmerdale next week as Emma Barton’s world comes crashing down – but could she take Moira Barton with her?

For the last year Emma has been hiding the fact she killed James Barton by pushing him off the bridge, but recently, her antics have come back to haunt her.

With the net closing in Emma’s behaviour has become more and more erratic and next week she heads to the Barton’s farm to confront Moira Barton over her feelings for James.

Moira treads carefully with her answers but Emma’s disbelieving and the two women soon come to blows and a fight with a pitchfork knocks out a light and soon they are in the barn as it goes up in flames.

Moira’s panicked to realise what is happening to her and pleads for Emma’s help to get them out of the fire. Will she come to the rescue of her nemesis or will she leave Moira to die?

Meanwhile Adam and Victoria spot the flames and run to help out, but when Adam sees Emma’s bloody hands, he chases after her with a gun.

Emma however manages to get her hands on the weapon and runs through the woods before firing a shot in the dark, leaving someone badly injured.

Back by the barn, Victoria calls the paramedics for Moira but fears they won’t arrive in time to save her life. Death visits the Dales next week but whose time is up?

Gillian Kearney, who plays Emma, explained: “Finn has seen the footage of Emma and Ashley and threatens to tell his brothers. Emma can’t have that, she doesn’t want her boys to stop loving her, that is the root of all her insecurity.

“For the family she missed out on for all those years to reject her would be too much. She knows it’s all over and if Finn doesn’t tell the others, she will have to.

“That’s when she goes to find Moira. Emma is feeling very fragile and disappointed. She’d turned to religion as a coping mechanism and has been hoping that if she atones and becomes a better person through her faith, she can make up for what she’s done.

“Emma seeks Moira out to make her answer for what she’s done. She blames Moira for having an affair with James in the first place and making Emma lose her temper to the point where she pushed him off a bridge!

“She believed James loved Moira more than Emma, and is terribly bitter about it. Emma thinks if Moira had left her family alone they could’ve been happy, but the tragedy is James did love Emma, it was her insecurity and jealousy that convinced her he preferred Moira.

“Emma tells Moira that she killed James, but that she’s got to share the blame as Emma holds her partly responsible for pushing her into it!”

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