Emmerdale teasers – A Robron baby, old faces and another big soap week!

Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod has been chatting with fans this afternoon and giving away some big hints about what’s to come in the village this year.

From make-ups, to break-ups, a wedding and a Robron baby, it seems there could be lots exciting twists and turns to come for some of our favourite characters.

Take a look at some of his revelations below…

1) A Robron baby – With their wedding around the corner fans have been wondering whether Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle will have a baby together, and it seems the show’s top boss is up for it. One fan wanted to know if they would become parents, so he said: “I see no reason why not. Aaron bottle feeding a baby would be cute as heck.” Asked if he always knew Robron would be a huge hit with fans, he added: “They were before I got here and they will be long after we’re all gone.”

2) Another Ashley special – Emmerdale fans were treated to a break from the norm when the show screened an episode dedicated to Ashley Thomas as it showed what life is like for the dementia sufferer. And there’s another one on the way. Iain said: “There’s an interesting episode in Ashley’s story that you’ll get to see before the summer. How amazing is John Middleton? Very, in a single word. What he’s done with that Ashley story has been so truthful, so real, so well researched. He’s fantastic, I can’t say enough nice things about John. One of the things we’re trying to do between now and the summer is find ways to make this a joyful story, something that really warms the cockles as well as breaking your heart.”

3) Huge Autumn storyline – Fans are still talking about the super soap week which saw the massive car crash involving several characters. But now there’s another big week to look forward to. Iain explained: “Exciting things coming up this year, well, in the run up to summer we have some really heartbreaking stuff, we’ve got some romantic stories, couples being challenged. Then towards the end of the year, do you remember last year we did that big car crash, well, we’re going for something that I think will be every bit as interesting but even more different and unusual, so keep tuned for that.”

4) New and old characters arrive – Emmerdale could see the return of some old faces and a couple of new ones if the soap’s writing team have their way. Iain said: “This is the most top secret area we deal with, I’m sworn to secrecy but all I can say is the way our show works the writers are always pitching for new characters and bring back old characters, so that discussion is ongoing and I wouldn’t rule it out.”

5) No more stunts – It seems the Emmerdale team are not going to be looking at blockbuster stunts this year. Iain said: “We have to be careful because last year we did such a massive stunt in the run up to James’ death so I don’t know how you top that. Yeah, we’ll try to do stuff that’s spectacular, interesting and visual, but to try and top that I think people might just go, ‘Here we go again’. Our plan is to do something every bit as dramatic but not copying what we’ve already done.”

6) Rebecca and Ross union – Emmerdale boss Iain hinted that the two villagers could end up in a couple when he told one fan: “Rebecca is a young attractive female and it’s Ross!”

7) Romance drama for Carly and Marlon – They are one of the most unlikely couplings of last year but it looks like 2017 could be a tough one for them. Asked what’s coming up for them, Iain replied: “Big tests are ahead for Marlon and Carly’s relationship.”

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  1. I wish the writers would have at least one happy ending, get rid of evil Emma for one, and as for The Whites they are the worst family ever. Can’t Home Farm have a lovely family in it…..everyone whose lived there have had bad experiences…..I love Emmerdale I’ve watched it from the very start.

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