Emmerdale Val Pollard’s fear over spreading her HIV

The reality of living with HIV hits home for Val next week when she cuts herself and Kerry Wyatt tries to help her.
Unable to cope with her diagnosis Val goes on a booze bender with Kerry and ends up trying to pole dance using a lamp post.
Naturally it all ends in disaster and Val ends up cutting her knee.
She snaps at Kerry when she steps in to help her, worried about her getting too close to her open wound.

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Pollard rushes to help Val home where he tends to her bleeding knee with gloves. The scenario upsets Val but Pollard remains strong as he tells her she needs to face things head on.
Determined to stop her hitting the bottle again, Pollard urges his wife to consider a support group.
She ignores his advice but secretly looks at some of the groups Pollard has found for her and confides in Victoria about wanting to go.
Victoria agrees to join her and promises not to tell Pollard. At the support group, the session is in full swing as they arrive and Val immediately feels out of place and full of nerves.
However, as the session continues Val starts to relax. Will the session help provide Val with clarity on her life?

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