Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas – Adam and Victoria can’t have kids

Emmerdale’s Adam and Victoria Barton are left devastated next week when medical tests reveal they won’t be able to have children of their own.

The couple have been trying to start their own family for weeks and Victoria even thought she was pregnant.

But after discovering that she’s not expecting, Diane offers Victoria and Adam cash to get fertility tests done privately to find out what’s going on – and it’s not good news.

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Talking about his character’s fertility problems, Adam said: “Victoria’s worried they can’t get pregnant so it’s a strain on their relationship.

“Victoria’s putting doubts in his mind that it’s not possible for them to get pregnant, but he thinks it’s going to happen. She’s more worried than he is.

“They’re worried when they go for fertility tests, Adam puts on a brave face because he doesn’t want Victoria to worry even more. They find out after the tests that they can’t have kids, it’s bad news for them, another stumbling block in the relationship.

“Victoria and Adam have been through alot so I don’t think it will cause too much damage.”

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