Emmerdale’s Charley Webb – Debbie knows she’s taking a massive risk

Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle is going to risk everything in order to travel abroad with her daughter Sarah.

The little girl needs to go to Prague for cancer treatment but the Dingles convince Debbie travelling abroad with her would be too risky given her criminal record.

Despite being gutted not to be at her daughter’s side, she agrees to let Charity take her for treatment instead.

But by the end of the week the troubled mother has second thoughts about allowing Sarah to go to Prague without her, and turns to Ross Barton to get a fake passport for her to use.

As Debbie packs to take Sarah to Prague, Faith has rumbled her plan and decides to intervene by swiping her boarding passes.

They head to the airport and narrowly avoid being caught by a police officer. But with doubts about the reliability of her fake passport, Debbie worries about her decision to accompany her daughter abroad will she dare to risk it?

Charley Webb, who plays Debbie, said: “The treatment is not available in the UK and it means there’s less side effects for Sarah, it’s easier for the child.

“She knows she’s not allowed to go out of the country but it’s so important for her to be there with Sarah so she’s going to take the risk.

“So it’s a case of whether she’s going to make it over there with her or not. If this doesn’t work she’ll have a plan be for Sarah, she’s never going to give up.”

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