Emmerdale’s Charley Webb – Debbie might keep new romance a secret

Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle doesn’t have much luck when it comes to men but that could all be about to change thanks to a new arrival in the village.

Debbie is going to have her head turned by super rich businessman Tom Waterhouse when she meets him during a meeting.

And he could well be the knight in shining armour that she’s been waiting for. Here Charley Webb, who plays Debbie, reveals all…

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What’s it like being at the centre of something brand new for the show?

It’s great, it’s been really fun. We’re working on location, we’ve been taken away doing something separate, so it’s been really good. It’s always nice to work with new people and have new energy. It’s been good – and cold! We’ve been dressed up doing business stuff but the village is so cold, I’ve been freezing. That’s the main thing I can take away from the experience so far, how cold it’s been! We don’t get summer in this village! It’s very different, I think, to what we have done before. I can’t think of anything else that’s like this – it very much is set apart from everything else. It’s set away from the village and filmed on location and the story feels a lot different to anything we have done. There are so many little bits to it – it’s very interesting.

Will Debbie keep Tom a secret?

Possibly. I think it depends where it goes – obviously there’s going to be some sort of chemistry between them; that’s inevitable. I don’t think she’s going to be shouting from the rooftops at first and I actually don’t know what happens beyond that.

Is Debbie becoming more like her mum – there are more parallels?

Let’s hope not! There are elements – there’s a businessy type thing going on and the chemistry which arises means there is that combination of money and sex. There are some lines that Emma says where she implies Debbie is like her – and Debbie doesn’t like that one bit! I think Debbie is a mixture of Debbie and Cain – that’s how I try and play it. Charity is much more conniving and out for what she can get – I’d like to think Debbie is a little bit nicer than that.

Is the money a draw for her?

Do you know what, I don’t think so. Debbie is one of those people who will always go with her heart which is why she ends up with people like Ross. She isn’t necessarily driven by money – I think that she wants stability for her children and she is definitely ambitious and wants to earn money but she wouldn’t be with someone for their money whereas Charity would – I think that’s where they’re different. She has got all those lines when she doesn’t know if he is attractive or not and she asks if he has money and Debbie is just like ‘Oh my God, I can’t deal with you!’

Debbie can be crooked so could she try and fleece him – and is he a match for him?

She can be but she never does it just because she can – she certainly isn’t going to sleep with him or be with him for that reason. There is definitely a connection between them – there is something drawing her to him but she doesn’t know what it is.

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