Emmerdale’s Charlotte Bellamy on emotional dream sequence – “It’s utterly heartbreaking but joyous”

Emmerdale bosses pulled off the perfect ending for Ashley Thomas this evening when he appeared in a dream sequence to say a final farewell to wife Laurel.

In the brilliantly acted scene Ashley appeared in Laurel’s dream and the lovers got to say all the things they have wanted to say to each other for months, that Ashley’s dementia stopped them from saying.

As Laurel slept on her sofa, Ashley appeared in their TV set and Ashley urge his wife to be strong for their children, to help the family look after each other and to find love again.

And Charlotte Bellamy, who plays Laurel, say the scene, which was shot in one take, was the perfect ending to the story as not only did fans get to see the old Ashley again, her alter ego got the goodbye she desperately needed to be able to move on with her life.

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She said: “Afterwards as she wakes up she’s watching the home video of her family life and her heart swells because of what she had, not what she doesn’t have anymore, I think that’s a gorgeous way of ending a story like this.

“We have to look at the positive, her life was beautiful with him and she celebrates that, she’s not going to be mourning for the next six months and that’s a great message to give people out there – remember what you had together not what you didn’t have in the last months or years of their lives.”

Charlotte added: “The one thing I imagine is hard for people who have had to deal with a relative with dementia is they never got to say goodbye, they die not knowing who that person was who had looked after them all those years.

“I imagine all those people wanted was to say goodbye to that person when they were aware of who they were, and cleverly that’s what Emmerdale has done, it’s utterly heartbreaking but joyous.”

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8 responses to “Emmerdale’s Charlotte Bellamy on emotional dream sequence – “It’s utterly heartbreaking but joyous”

  1. Absolute beautiful scene tonight with Ashley and laurel.
    Well done Charlotte and John It was fabulous acting and I sobbed and sobbed.
    Will miss John with Charlotte.
    Emmerdale is my favourite soap and cannot get enough of it.

  2. Love Emmerdale! My highlight of the day.

    The acting is superb! The writing and directing fantastic!

    You treat sensitive subjects so well. You inform us of the suffering people have to endure
    I Have had experience of dementia. You got it so right! ❤️

  3. Beautifully done, top marks to the producers,but!!, I would have liked to have seen Ashley appear as a full sized spirit form,a Ghost! just felt it was a bit naff to appear on the T.V.!! but there again, she was dreaming it, I guess!! He will be sadly missed in the soap though.

  4. I think this was absolutely fantastic. Talk about compulsive viewing! It was tender and loving, and very heartfelt. It was miles better than the episode where Ashley passed away, it was so emotionally packed. I liked the way you could perhaps believe it was a dream or. a visitation. Brilliant, well done Emmerdale

  5. It was a wonderful touching ending of a life and he did know her cause as we saw he called her y name just before he recognised her at the end

  6. It was wonderful ending of a life he did recognise her at the end he called her name it was so touching I’m sure it touched many people as it touched me

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