Emmerdale’s Chris Chittell – Pollard sacrifices the Dingles

Eric Pollard is going to put himself on a collision course with the Dingle clan in next week’s Emmerdale when he plays a part in their house being destroyed.

The villager is contacted by an old friend, Morris, from Hotten Council and is horrified to learn an access road is due to be built through his house plot, if he doesn’t pay a small bribe.

Unable to imagine losing the home he shared with Val, Pollard initially lashes out at Morris. But later he privately agrees to pay Morris off. However, things get worse for him when he learns the Dingle’s house will be knocked down instead.

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Chris Chittell, who plays Pollard, explained: “It will remove his barn that he shared with Val, it’s the last memory of her. Needs must, he can’t have the memory of Valerie eradicated, he’ll do anything to make sure that remains in tact.

“He’s pays him £10,000 and believes that’s the end of it. Unfortunately, someone else will suffer. He’s torn when he realises the Dingle’s house will be knocked down instead.

“The Dingles will get a new house, they’ll get a few bob, they’ll just have to move on. In actual fact, they are a pain with all their pigs!”

The move will also test Pollard’s new relationship with Faith Dingle as she’s sure to rally around her family when the truth comes out. But Chris says he’s hopeful the couple can stay together because he’s enjoying working with Sally Dexter.

Talking about their onscreen romance, he added: “I think it’s wonderful, she’s brilliant. I loved working with Charlie, she was larger than life and kept you on your toes which is what all god duos should be like.

“Sally is mad! She’s a very clever actor and I’m beginning to find out, a delightful person. It’s been great fun.”

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