Emmerdale’s Chris Chittell – Someone could get killed

Brace yourself for a spot of gun drama in Emmerdale next week as local troublemaker Josh gets his hands on a weapon.

Not content with how he’s been terrorising the village over the last couple of months, the teenage tearaway stupidly takes Pollard’s shotgun from the gun cupboard and after some teasing from Jamie and his gang the gun is fired and the police called.

Soon Jacob is also implicated but refuses to lay blame on Josh. With Jacob and Josh firmly in the frame with the police, could the pressure get too much for Jacob?

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Chris Chittell, who plays Pollard, said: “Josh seems to think it’s OK to steal a firearm. You go into someone else’s property to steal a weapon and hasn’t thought about it.

“I cannot for the life of me see in any possible way why he would think that is a good idea.

“Jacob is in cloud cuckoo land. Can he not see that the boy is out to see what he can get? He’s out to destroy, he cares about himself and no one else.

“Of course lives are at risk, you have a double-barrelled shot gun, no doubt he’s got cartridges and he’s not responsible at all.

“He’s bereft of any good feelings towards this oik, he doesn’t trust anyone now. He’s already got a dodgy ticker so this will only exacerbate that condition.”

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