Emmerdale’s Danny Miller – Aaron chooses self-harming over drugs

Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle is going to start self-harming again next week as he is pushed to breaking point.

The villager has been trying to put on a brave face when it comes to his partner, Robert Sugden’s fling Rebecca White, who is now pregnant.

But next week he’s rocked by the revelation that their recent antics, which could have seen Aaron back behind bars if they had been caught, was for nothing.

Aaron is hurt when Robert produces a case full of cash that belongs to him following an investment with Lawrence White.

Danny Miller, who plays Aaron, explained: “It’s another thing that Robert’s lied about, all this money from an investment with Lawrence.

“They were doing all this running after Ross and Finn, dealing in cannabis, which made it very risky for Aaron to go back to prison, they were doing it because he thought Robert was skint, so it’s hard knowing he had all this cash lying around and never said anything.

“Aaron is very flippant with him, as a joke he says, ‘Well throw it in that fire’, thinking Robert would say no. Robert sees it as an opportunity to show some love he still has for Aaron and throws it in the fire.”

While that may stem Aaron’s growing doubts for a few days, he’s never going to be able to move past his feelings towards Robert’s fling with Rebecca, especially as she has a baby scan next week.

With the pressure building Aaron decides to ring up his former prison mate, Ethan, to order some spice, the drug he became hooked on behind bars.

Sadly for Aaron, Ethan’s not alone when he turns up in the village, Jason’s with him and that sets Aaron on a very dangerous path.

Danny said: “Little do we know that Aaron’s got underlying problems, he’s trying to find a new way of dealing with it and remembered the last time he could block it all out was on the spice.

“He thinks the easiest thing is to get the drugs and that will make it easier for him so that’s why he calls Ethan.

“In typical soap fashion there’s always a little twist and Ethan brings Jason with him, the one who punched Aaron all around the prison for a few weeks.

“He was the one who got Aaron addicted to spice, he turns up because he sees an opportunity to further his intimidation and solidify his boss man status he has over Aaron.

“It’s horrifying because the cottage is a sign of the life he could have had and Jason’s very aware that, so you don’t know what he’s thinking. Is he going to trash the place or batter Aaron in his own house?

“He’s a really intimidating character so it’s interesting that he’s in Aaron’s home. Everything dawns on him, Ethan and Jason have been in his house and if he goes down that road he’s living that criminal life again, the person he doesn’t want to be.

“So he bins the spice and goes back to the other way he deals with things, which is of course, to self harm.

“He thinks that’s a better way of dealing with things because it’s a more secretive way of keeping his self loathing from people and also the fact people don’t get to see him in that drugged up manner, so it’s very sad but it’s his release.”

Talking about the decision to return to Aaron’s self-harming ways, Danny added: “I think unfortunately for people who self-harm it’s not easy to switch it off, you’re releasing anger and stress through pain, turning angst and anger against yourself, which is dangerous.

“I was surprised it came back, but also not surprised because it’s always something we like to show people, that unfortunately these things are still going on in the world, particularly with Aaron.

“I think Aaron wants to remain out of prison so he thinks turning on himself is better that smoking the drugs.”

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