Emmerdale’s Danny Miller – Aaron Dingle self harms with drugs

Emmerdale’s Danny Miller has revealed that Aaron Dingle is going to go down a dark path when he starts taking drugs to cope with the abuse he’s suffering behind bars.

The poor villager has become a punching bag in prison after the other inmates discovered he’s not only gay but also Gordon Livesy’s son.

He suffers panic attacks that are so severe he ends up knocking himself out, so when he’s offered drugs to ease the pain, he takes them.

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Danny explained: “It’s more a way of self-harming, he’s always taken punishment out on himself, this is just another way in smoking this stuff.

“It highlights just how bad this drug is that it ruins people’s minds and physical appearance, he turns to that because it’s the last thing he can do, it’s his way of releasing the pain.

“At the time he has it he’s been severely beaten up, he’s broken quite a few ribs and is battered and bruised.

“He’s been kicked all over the place which has meant he’s turned to this as a way of getting through the night, to avoid the pain, yet again he’s turning to self-harming.”

Asked why Aaron doesn’t raise the alarm following his attack, or even tell his family, Danny added: “Aaron’s always been the person who self-loathes, he’s the kind of character who doesn’t want to burden anyone else with his problems.

“It’s something he’s done for many years and something he needs to get out of but he can’t seem to do so, he knows people are worried for his safety and mental health, so the last thing he wants to do is add more pressure for them.

“Also, he’s trying to keep a brave face, that he can handle it inside but actually what happens to Aaron is what he was most worried about, that people would find out he’s gay and Gordon’s son, that becomes a huge issue for Aaron.”

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He added: “He’s not coping well at all, in fact it’s disastrous and going from bad to worse for him. He misses Robert, Liv and Chas more than ever.

“Jason is one of life’s demons, he’s an evil man with a background you’ll learn more about as time goes on, it’s certainly no excuse for the way he is, he’s very full on homophobic, abuse and quite frankly, a bully.

“He’s someone who pushes his way round the jail and you don’t want to get on the wrong side of, if anything you just want to avoid him at all costs. He’s a psychopath.”

Talking about how he copes filming Aaron’s panic attacks, Danny explained: “To be honest it is quite difficult, I didn’t realise until I researched it.

“It’s difficult to do, you do go light-headed because you’re breathing rapidly and heavily for a length of time, so naturally your mind goes a bit dizzy.

“But it’s nice to take on the challenge and put yourself in the position of someone who suffers panic attacks, it must be awful that these things come on at the worst moments.

“It seems like it’s a very difficult illness to live with.”

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