Emmerdale’s Danny Miller – Aaron’s reaction to Robert’s affair will surprise people

Emmerdale’s Danny Miller says Aaron Dingle’s reaction to the news that Robert Sugden’s had an affair is going to shock viewers.

Next week the couple return to the village and Robert’s guilt over his affair with Rebecca White is going to get the better of him and he decides to come clean to Aaron.

But while Aaron usually reacts with his fists, here Danny says he handles the situation in a very mature way…

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Does Aaron have any empathy with Robert when he finds out about Rebecca?

Aaron’s history and the person that he is, he’s very hot-headed and he acts very quickly and thinks about things later. There is an argument and we said that you can tell that there’s something wrong and how distanced they are and you would know that something is up with your partner and I think that’s when he comes to admit it, there is almost like a moment of ‘I know what’s coming here’. He’s already worked himself up from there. So the typical thing would be to punch Robert or hurt himself. But it’s actually a very different outcome from that. There’s an interesting dynamic that Iain and his team have gone with. It’s more of a mature Aaron reaction rather than the old person he was.

Is that because of what he’s been through recently?

I think so yeah. It’s also the fact that he’s been in prison for so long, not that he could ever justify what Robert did to Aaron. He can kind of see past it because it wasn’t as though this was an affair, it wasn’t as though it was going on for months- it was a one night stand. And the whole thing of him justifying it saying he was drunk, which Aaron obviously backs but also that’s no excuse. There’s that kind of conversation that happens. It’s nice that the audience will expect him to fly off the handle but he doesn’t automatically, not straight away anyway.

Is this the Aaron we are going to see from now on?

I don’t know what the plans are because the fact that Robert has done that is going to have an impact on Liv for example, in their home and their new little family life so he’s thinking of that but he’s trying to be that family person, a more mature, grown-up Aaron who says ‘let’s sit down and talk about it’ but by no means is he ok with it.

We see him with a piece of glass, will he self-harm again?

That’s the typical thing that Aaron does and that’s really coming off the back of the prison sentence. As much as he probably would want to do something that’ll get him in trouble, he’s always self-loathed, he’s always self-harmed and that’s the way he deals with it. So I think that’s quite interesting that they’ve put it back in there but we don’t see what happens but the history tells us that he’s going to turn to that to deal with it, so we’ll see how that unfolds.

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How will Aaron feel towards Rebecca?

Naturally very angry. Me and Emily had a conversation about it and said that ‘how could you ever look at that person the same?’ Because as she wanted to help Aaron and she wanted to warn him off him a little bit but all she’s done is add to the problem. So at that moment in time he’s very angry with her but then he goes to have a conversation with her and the tables turn a little bit. The conversation that me and Emily had was that Robert did say to her ‘we are over’ so it’s more on Robert than it is on Rebecca but Rebecca kind of just jumped into bed with him on the evening that they finished so that was the main reason that people are angry with the pair of them. But at the end of the day, how it was played out was that Aaron was having his own difficulties and making it more difficult for Robert, so Aaron self-harms and Robert hurts people around him so that’s exactly what he’s done in this case. Obviously naturally angry with her and they have a conversation which is actually a nice little scene.

Trust has always been a big issue, how much more can Aaron take after this?

I’m not sure. He said it all about Gordon. Gordon took his trust and broke it and that’s where it’s all come from. And Chas did as well when she kicked him out when she was younger. So trust is a big thing and he’s broken that trust so I suppose it’ll always be there. As I say, it’s kind of the time for Aaron to think about it. And also, Aaron’s had so much that’s happened to him as a result of what Gordon did- the person that he made him be, the memories that he’s left with him. In this case it’s like, ‘I went to prison because of my trust issues, because of beating up this person’ and it has this chain, knock-on effect and actually when you look at the back of it, I was in prison because of Gordon. So if Gordon takes him away from you, he’s won again hasn’t he? So there’s that kind of dynamic in there as well. It’ll be interesting to see how that will turn out. But there’s definitely trust issues- there always has been with Robert. But he’s just made it worse!

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