Emmerdale’s Dominic Brunt – Rhona kisses Paddy!

Emmerdale’s Paddy Kirk thinks his dreams have come true next week when things turn passionate between him and ex wife Rhona.

Paddy has supported Rhona throughout her rape ordeal and subsequent court case, and next week the emotion between them bubbles over when she moves in for a kiss.

While he’s delighted, Rhona panics and by the end of the week poor Paddy’s hopes of a happy ending are dashed.

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Talking about Paddy’s feelings for Rhona, Dominic Brunt explained: “He’s tried to remain a friend all the way through, so he lays off but their feelings come to the fore and he can’t help but be drawn to her once again.

“She was his wife, he regrets sincerely and with everything he’s got what happened and what she’s been through. Rhona’s very forgiving and they start becoming close again, which Paddy’s delighted about but at the same time quite cautious.

“Paddy doesn’t instigate the kiss but because she does go in for the kiss it’s everything he’s ever wished for, he believes it’s a way back to how they were two or three years ago.”

Dominic added: “Rhona back peddles, massively. The good thing is she takes control of her feelings and what she wants from a relationship, and takes control of her sexuality.

“She doesn’t lead Paddy on at all and quite honestly says she’s not ready, she’s no longer beholden to the events that happened to her and no longer believes anyone has any control over her.

“I think she believes if she got back with Paddy then that would be beholden to someone, so she politely says it’s not going to happen. He accepts that but obviously he’s upset, his hopes have been dashed.”

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