Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins – Charity’s never going to trust Megan

Emmerdale’s Frank Clayton better watch his back because he’s got two women gunning for him – Charity Dingle and Megan Macey!

But while the two women maybe on the same page in their plan for revenge, Emma Atkins doesn’t think Charity and Megan will ever truly trust each other.

And here she admits that her alter ego could well be tempted back into bed with the cheating villager!

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Why is Charity so annoyed about about Frank and Megan’s romance?

I think she’s just so jealous. Megan and Charity’s history, you only have to remember what happened to know she’s got a little bee in her bonnet about it. The fact that she slept with Frank, Megan doesn’t know, she’s got that over Frank, stuff like that really turns her on in a way, it engages her, she’s like “Okay, I’ve got this over you and I’m now going to use that because you love Megan, not me” and it’s just that jealousy, insecurity. Charity’s at a cross points in her life, she’s hitting 40, or I think she’s already hit 40, I’m not sure, and she’s just questioning life, going “I work behind a bar.” I think the scams do it for her and Frank’s not paying her the attention she wants, he’s giving it to Megan and she’s just furious.

Does she want Frank or does she only want him because he wants Megan?

Probably a mixture of all of it. Strange things go on in her mind, don’t they? Let’s face it, the stuff she does, I can’t defend my character, but there’s probably a lot of jealousy in there and she’s bitter. It’s interesting because there’s a scene where she comes back, Debbie’s absolutely disgusted by her behaviour, she gets back to the pub and then she just says “I’m so lonely” and it’s just really sad. That’s quite new for Charity, because often you see Debbie saying “I’m disgusted with your behaviour” and that’s the end of the episode but we’ve not seen her admit to being lonely. She breaks a bit and you think “Okay, maybe this is a turning point” but then we have the next day in the pub where it all comes out because Tracy has overheard something.

Frank will find himself in the firing line when they team up against him to get revenge?

it’s all interwoven because  we start to get together and it’s quite exciting because I didn’t know it was going to go that way, they put their minds together to hatch a plan. Well it kind of comes from Megan, Charity clocks the body language changing and knows she’s not forgiven Frank. She follows her in the toilet and says “Woah, what was that in there, cos I saw it and you can’t get away with it”.

Can Charity and Megan really trust each other?

I think that’s good though that we don’t trust each other but we’re gonna do it. We’re never gonna trust each other but then it’s quite an interesting dynamic that because you’re like “Let’s work together but are you being honest with me?” Who’s gonna fleece who?

Will they get to the stage where they can become friends?

Well we’ve had some funny dialogue. We were like “This is quite funny.” It’s quite an interesting dynamic, people who don’t really like each other but they kind of appreciate each other in a weird way.

Are they both better off single?

Yeah, probably. Just doing over men all the time – as in scams!

What’s in it for Charity? Because Frank hasn’t done much to her…

My mum said that the other night. I think it’s just feeling that her life is lacking somewhat in game playing, scamming. She is drawn to money, she’s drawn to just creating conflict where there isn’t any, she’s like “I’m bored with my life, I work in a pub, I thought this was what I wanted, it’s not what I want, I would quite happily do that and have something on the side” which is why the Bentley happened in the first place.

Is it the thrill of the scam?

I think it is. She’s thrilled by things that aren’t morally right. But she doesn’t have enough of a moral compass to care. She chucks a grenade into a situation, doesn’t she? And then just watches everyone squirm. It’s just awful, but there’s humour there. I respect that Charity manages to pull things off and still be alive. I’m waiting for them to say, ‘We don’t know where to go with you. You can’t be any more awful than you are, so we’re writing you out’.

Do you think Charity will be tempted to go for Frank now that he’s single?

I wouldn’t put anything past her. I think she’d still have Frank behind Megan’s back. She’s just shameless. I don’t know. It’d be interesting if she didn’t, for a change. Who knows? I thought that was going to happen, but I’m getting the sense from the scripts that it’s not. But suddenly you turn a corner in the scripts and Frank and Charity could be in bed. Or maybe all three of them. I’m joking!


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