Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins on Charity’s new girlfriend – I was shocked!

Emmerdale bosses are going to pull off a shock pairing next week when Charity Dingle gets steamy with Vanessa Woodfield.

Despite Emma Atkins, who plays Charity, admitting she hadn’t ruled out another romance with a woman, the actress says she was shocked to discover the lady in question was Vanessa.

The pair end up passionately kissing after Vanessa follows Charity into the Woolpack cellar and the pair get locked in. After downing whiskey together one thing leads to another.

Talking about Charity’s new love interest, Emma said: “I didn’t know it was going to be Vanessa until I got the scripts, so I was quite shocked because she’s not really been with woman for a while and it wasn’t on the cards, no one had mentioned it.

“So it was quite an exciting surprise, especially as I hadn’t worked with Michelle Hardwick before. Vanessa and Charity haven’t really had any conversation other than serving her in the pub, so it was extremely left field.

“At first I was a bit concerned, I wondered what the reasoning behind it was, then when I started to think about it from my character’s perspective, actually Charity’s not afraid to experiment with a woman or a man.

“She’s very brazen like that, she’s quite up for a challenge, certainly someone who’s not really on her radar.

“I think she likes to shock people as well and there’s certainly a shock in that Vanessa and Charity are not the best paired couple, they’re not really a great match in that they are so different – Vanessa is moralistic and Charity’s not always willing to delve into an ethical state of affairs.”

Emma added: “Obviously working with Michelle is great because we’ve never done it before. The interesting scene in the cellar is quite funny.

“We made it even more funny because Vanessa comes down to see Charity and she’s dressed as some sort of super hero, so there’s a lot of emotion running high.

“Charity enjoys toying with her, it’s a bit of cat and mouse in the cellar. Sexual tension can actually come from two people not liking each other, love and hate are close.

“Charity absolutely makes a move, she sees Vanessa quite drunk and vulnerable and being a little bit awkward.

“They get close and Charity just takes advantage and enjoys the moment! She gets up close and personal to get her off guard, surprisingly Vanessa responds willingingly and suddenly they are in a heated embrace!”

Asked how she thinks fans will react to the pairing, she continued: “I think the audience will find themselves, quite surprisingly, liking the coupling because it’s so far removed from what anyone expects.

“Sometimes it is quite nice to be shocked when you’re watching soap because you don’t see things coming, hopefully we’ve shot it in a way that right until the end until Charity kisses Vanessa that they won’t really be expecting it.

“I think they are strong women from very opposite ends of the spectrum so it could be an interesting pairing.

“I don’t know how long it’s going to last but so far they are still flirting with each other. It would be quite nice to not have them as a fully blown couple but if they are at a loose end to get together every now and again.”

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