Emmerdale’s Gaynor Faye – Megan and Charity to take over Home Farm?

With the Whites on their way out of Emmerdale then the famous Home Farm mansion is up for grabs and could its new residents be Megan Macey and Charity Dingle?

If Gaynor Faye, who plays Megan, has her way then there could be a new ‘Dynasty’ in the top property in the village.

But before Megan can think about moving houses, there’s a small matter of revenge against her cheating lover, Frank Clayton.

Here Gaynor reveals all…

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Can you talk through Megan’s feelings for Frank and she feels about the fact he’s cheated on her with Charity?

Well, obviously it’s been a bit on and off since the start, they’ve obviously got an attraction to each other but because of his past and because he was a bit of a conman in the past and she wasn’t upfront with her and honest, she kind of was like “Hmm, no, I don’t think so, I’ve got Eliza to think about.” You know, Megan came into this as a con woman, she came in to con her brother out of money so it’s in her anyway, but I think now she’s got a baby, Eliza, that’s at the forefront of her mind and so yes. So it’s been on and off and they’ve been playing each other for a bit but then she’s finally committed to him, she’s in love with him, it’s largely because of the love he’s shown to Eliza and the support and stuff, and so I think it’s the utmost betrayal for her. And because Jai did it. She let Jai get away with it twice and she’s only just kind of really got together with Frank and then he goes and does that. So I think she’s just floored by it.

Will she play the long game to get revenge?

Yeah, I mean she’s very much of the mind, that revenge is best served cold, but then it’s really difficult, because how do you keep that under wraps. How do you con a conman? On the surface, it looks like she might have forgiven Frank. But underneath, she hasn’t. She’s seething, she flinches when he touches her.

Will fans feel sorry for Frank now that they are going to team up against him?

Don’t feel sorry for Frank! He’s had sex with her in the woods, he’s had me in wherever! The two of us together, two conning girls together can easily get one over on Frank. They go quite dark. Further than they should. I feel sorry for Frank now!

Will they get to the stage where they can become friends?

We could live in Home Farm as Krsytle and Alexis from Dynasty! Top of the stairs with a brandy – it would be great. I’d love that!

Emma Atkins has admitted that there could be a romance for Charity and Megan, do you think Megan can be turned by Charity?

Who knows? I think the thing is, we’re actors, anything – great storylines, great relationships, great drama…anything could happen really!

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