Emmerdale’s Gemma Atkinson exit storyline revealed?

Emmerdale’s Gemma Atkinson is leaving the soap but could fans be waving goodbye to her next week?

It certainly looks that way as her Emmerdale alter ego, Carly Hope, does a runner from the village after a near death experience involving April.

Carly and April are making party food together when the little girl starts choking on a sweet, and Cary does nothing to save her.

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Gemma explained: “Carly and April are making some party food and April chokes on a Smartie. Carly’s with her but she doesn’t react, she freezes in fear.

“It’s life threatening, Marlon, Brenda and Bob run in wondering what all the fuss is and see April choking and Carly not doing anything.

“Luckily Marlon comes to her rescue but Bob asks why she couldn’t see she was choking, so Carly flees.

“She can’t deal with the guilt, it’s really scared her. I think it’s because deep down she’s not dealt with the guilt of losing Billy, she blames herself for losing him to cot death, she’s convinced it’s something she did wrong and is convinced she’s not meant to be a mother.

“Now, in not helping April, it’s subconsciously brought all these memories back, she needs a good therapy session because she’s dealing with so much grief.”

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Asked how April reacts to the fact Carly didn’t try and save her, Gemma added: “April’s a tough cookie and that’s why Carly loves her so much, but she’s very upset with Carly, she feels let down.

“As far as she’s concerned she doesn’t want Carly anywhere near her, she’s angry.”

If that wasn’t enough guilt, Carly then gets into a blazing row with Marlon when he confronts her over what she failed to do for April.

Gemma said: “Carly goes on the defensive and this big row erupts, Carly thinks Marlon and April will be better off without her.

“She feels guilty saying goodbye, on one hand she feels like she’s let them down, she’s running away and she’s a failure, on the other she thinks they don’t deserve her because she’s not good enough for them.

“She needs someone to push her in the right direction, she’s dealing with so much grief and anger, it’s a mixture of emotions really.”

Asked if this could be the last fans see of Carly, Gemma said: “It could well be, but this is soap and there are twists and turns so you’ll have to watch this space.”

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