Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley wants health storyline for Cain Dingle

Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley has admitted he wants a big health storyline to get his teeth into.

The actor, who plays Cain Dingle, has been inspired by the success of the Ashley Thomas dementia storyline and would like an issue-led plot of his own.

But he admits he doesn’t know what illness Cain could be struck down with and worries that it could end in his character’s demise.

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Jeff said: “I always find those kind of issue based illnesses are always good things, but it is difficult because then, and John Middleton did a brilliant job, but it ultimately ends you!

“I always think they are good stories to kind of give couples because you are also doing something that a lot of people who watch can relate to or understand.

“Something like that might be, we’ve slightly touched on when he had an aneurysm, I honestly don’t think it was explored as much it was more a device to get Charity to go ‘I really still love Cain’ cos he nearly died, but we didn’t explore that whole journey.”

There is one thing that writers have yet to explore with Cain, Jeff added: “The one thing Iain McLeod did say when Sally (Dexter, who plays Faith) came in, that would be something we have not explored is the fact that Faith can turn Cain into a little boy because it is his mum.

“We have never seen that, so that would be an avenue I would like to explore, the power of parents, we are all different with our parents and all turn back into children regardless of how old we are, so I think we have yet to discover that. I would like to see that happen, Sally’s great fun and brilliant to work with.”

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