Emmerdale’s Joe Gill pleased Finn Barton was killed off

Emmerdale’s Joe Gill has said he’s pleased to see his character killed off following his decision to leave the soap after four years.

The actor decided at the start of this year that he wanted to move on from his role as Finn Barton and in tonight’s episode fans watched as he died after being gunned down by his own mother.

Joe says that Finn’s life has always been tragic so it’s fitting that his exit was tragic too.

He said: “I spoke to Iain in February about leaving as I’ve been here four years. I’ve loved every second but, personally, it’s the right time to move on. I want to try other projects and as they say, leave on a high.

“They had enough time to write the exit, I’m proud to have been here and that the character goes so dramatically. I think it draws a line under it, it’s therapeutic as the slate has been completely wiped as opposed to him nipping off.

“It makes it even more dramatic he’s always tried to see the good in everyone, including his murderous mother, so even more tragic he’s gone in this way.”

But while Finn might have gone, Joe still went on set afterwards and had a freaky moment when he came face to face with his alter ego’s coffin!

He added: “I hadn’t brought my family to set in four years so I wanted to do that, I was told not to go in the Barton house set in case there was evidence of Finn’s death, but I went in there to be faced with my own coffin! Very strange.

“Someone on the show had messaged me a week before asking for my exact height, so I told them 5ft 10 and there was a 5ft 10 coffin! Very surreal.

“Apparently Mike Parr had a scene with the coffin later that day and part of me thought ‘should I just get in and jump out at him on the take?’.”

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