Emmerdale’s John Middleton teases “tearful” exit scenes

Emmerdale’s John Middleton has spoken for the first time about his exit from the soap and warned fans it’s going to be emotional.

The actor says there wasn’t a dry eye in the studio when he filmed his final scenes as dementia sufferer Ashley Thomas.

The much loved character is going to die next month and by the sounds of it his wife Laurel is going to be with him.

While John refused to give any details away he revealed that there was a medic on set to make sure the scenes were done properly, and he praised the efforts of his co-star, Charlotte Bellamy.

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John said: “That’s it, I’m done. It was very odd. I was feeling like someone had hit you over the head and said, ‘That’s it’. It was very odd but also intensely moving.

“The filming of the last scenes was some what emotional, within the whole studio, you could have heard a pin drop.

“We only did a few rehearsals but the people doing it were all in tears, the make-up girls, everyone. I was some what emotional myself.

“The final scenes are surprising, incredibly well written, there’s an immense dignity in the way we have filmed his demise.

“We had a medical advisor on set which was important because we wanted to get this right, as we have done throughout the whole of this story.

“Charlotte Bellamy was utterly stunning, I well up thinking about it, she was absolutely stunning. I’m going to miss her the most but at the same time we live in the same town and there’s lots of places to have coffee in that town, so I won’t stop seeing her.

“I made such a lot of friends at Emmerdale and they will be my friends for the rest of my life.”

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