Emmerdale’s Katherine Dow Blyton – How far will Harriet compromise her beliefs?

Emmerdale’s Harriet Finch is dabbling in the dark side after starting a saucy romance with village bad boy Cain Dingle.

It was a relationship which no one saw coming, least of all the actors involved, but one that seems to have a lot of potential.

But with Cain’s love for a scam and no qualms about throwing his fists around, how will it change the village vicar?

Here Katherine Dow Blyton, who plays Harriet, reveals what she thinks…

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What’s the appeal of Cain to Harriet?

I think it’s the bad boy. I think that was the fascination with him at first – it was completely out of the blue and not expected. Him being a bad boy is attractive to her as she isn’t your regular vicar, really. She’s been around the block and been a policewoman, so seen the bad sides of life. She isn’t shocked by everything. It’s all a surprise and fascination.

Is it a case of throwing caution to the wind after Ashley’s death?

Yeah, and she had that scene with Laurel where she says that she feels alive. She was seriously heartbroken as she proposed to Ashley and everything. She said to Laurel that at least now she feels something – she isn’t numb and doesn’t just feel like a vicar, she feels like a person again.

Cain likes a scam and has shown his violent streak recently, is she not worried about the fact that she used to be a police officer?

I think it’s more of a worry for Harriet because she is still a vicar and she has been a police officer so there will be that trepidation of what he might do next and whether she can let it go or ignore it. Will she try and change him? It disappoints Harriet that he has done that as she hates violence, especially as she has just been stabbed so it has upset her that he has seen that as the answer.

What happens with Bishop Barry – what’s going on in the vestry?!

They’re just having a little romantic moment! Then Bishop Barry arrives. He has heard about Harriet’s involvement with the bad lad of the village…

What has the viewer feedback to Cain and Harriet been like?

The Coira fans are devastated, obviously. People do get attached to characters and couples and Coira fans have very strong opinions on Charriet. It is such an interesting couple – no-one would have foreseen it happening and that has sparked a lot of interest.

Will Cain turn Harriet bad?

I suppose it is that fine line of what do you do for love, how far are you prepared to sort of bend the rules? I don’t know, that would be a good internal struggle for her, she has done it already, she did it right at the beginning, she didn’t shop him about nicking the phones and that was a bit of conflict between her and Jesus. That would be interesting to see how far she is prepared to compromise her beliefs. Maybe you should be suggesting stories.

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