Emmerdale’s Liam Fox – Dan’s in shock over Josh attack

Poor Dan Spencer tries to do the right thing in next week’s Emmerdale but ends up putting his future on the line instead.

Having hidden when local thugs Josh and Jamie attacked Pollard in the shop, Dan decides to finally stand up to them. But after arranging to meet Josh Dan’s shocked when he turns up to find him unconscious on the ground and covered in blood.

Here Liam Fox reveals Dan’s caught up in something he might not be able to get himself out of…

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What happens when Josh and Jamie find Jacob trashing their bikes?

Basically, Jacob has lost it and is kicking one of the lads bikes and they come out and initially Dan says it is nothing to do with him and when they have a go at Jacob, Dan says ‘It was me, I have done your bike over’. He takes the blame as he wants Jacob out the picture. At that point he arranges to meet these lads with a plan of action to kind of get retribution.

What is the plan?

At that point in time he is not sure, but by that point he is prepared to use violence.

But when he gets to the meeting things have taken a turn for the worse as Josh has been attacked and left for dead…

He goes to do something and it turns out that Josh has already been dealt with, but Dan has got himself into a situation here where the police are looking into it and he has got to be the prime suspect, he has set himself up for a fall, how will he talk himself out of this one? It’s a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When he sees Josh does he think he is dead?

Yes, absolutely, he is worried and nows it does not look good and that they will be looking at him first and foremost. Initially, this is when he is running, he is not going to call the police, at the last minute he goes ‘I can’t do this I can’t walk away’ and then he dials 999, so it is something he was not going to do but does.

Does Kerry believe Dan when he says it wasn’t him?

She is quite good with him on that actually, I think they are pretty good through this process, quite supportive overall.

Why has he decided to take action now?

He has had enough, they have had a go at Pollard, threatened his daughter and then they are having a go at Jacob, he knows at this point that if he had got involved in the shop it might not have gone any further, so he needs to do something, Dan is capable of dealing with stuff and now he says right I am going to do something.

What is that situation with Kerry?

She gets threatened by him too so there is a little bit as that as well, they threaten Kerry, so although initially she is quite supportive, I think when she is threatened by not just one or two, but a group of them and he sees on her face that she is scared. One or two you deal with them if there are 5, 6 or 7 then no matter how big you are it could cause you problems.

What is in store for Dan?

After this I don’t know much, I have heard rumours that there is some exciting stuff coming on later this year obviously that is way too far ahead to say anything, but what I have heard is really good and will hopefully keep us busy as the year moves on.

Would you like to see Dan’s wider family back?

Yeah, definitely, Luke who played my son I still see him every week anyway, he is like my real life son now. He is doing well, he is in Jamestown which starts on Sky. I would like to see it expanded and bring in Kerry’s family. Maybe there are questions with Dan and his dad where this stuff has come from, I don’t know.

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