Emmerdale’s Louise Marwood – Chrissie and Rebecca fight!

Emmerdale’s Chrissie White is going to have a week from hell when her son is sentenced and she gets into a bitter bust-up with her sister Rebecca.

The Home Farm boss has seen her life turned upside down lately and she’s desperate to get it back on track, but here Louise Marwood admits that might be harder than she thought…

How has Chrissie been coping since Lachlan’s court case and why are tensions frayed at Home Farm?

Chrissie is really struggling to hold it together. It has just been one blow after another for her. Rebecca’s arrival in the village has really disrupted her life. Rebecca’s constantly meddling in her business and has changed the dynamic of her relationship with Lawrence and her son. She can’t believe Lachlan’s in court and is carrying a lot of guilt over the situation.

What is it between Chrissie and Rebecca that always has them fighting like cat and dog?

Chrissie and Rebecca have a love hate relationship. They are just very different people and I think Chrissie feels her sister is muscling in on her patch. Everyone likes Rebecca which doesn’t help. And the revelations about Robert really really don’t help the rivalry.

Is Chrissie resenting Lawrence as well?

Yes. I think Chrissie is just feeling pushed out by everyone. She wants it back the way it was when it was just her, Dad and Lachlan living together. But things can never go back to how they were and she really is struggling with the ever changing situation she finds herself in.

Why is Chrissie so repellent to Rebecca’s attempts to build bridges?

Rebecca has let Chrissie down a lot in her life. They sisters have a long history – not least the fact that Robert’s come between them in the past and is still a presence in both their lives – and it’s hard for Chrissie to let things go and move on. Let’s not forget Rebecca didn’t even come to her wedding! I think too that Chrissie is constantly wary of Rebecca’s motives and if she has an underlying plan.

How does Chrissie react when she learns Rebecca has involved Robert in the business?

She is furious. She wants nothing to do with him and is convinced they are plotting against her. She’s not happy about their partnership.

After her mum’s ring goes ‘missing’, how does Chrissie feel when Rebecca says she’s leaving? 

She is thrilled. It’s all she ever wanted. Perhaps her life can return to the way it used to be and she doesn’t constantly have to be on her guard.

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How does Chrissie feel when Lachlan is sentenced?

Devastated. He’s the apple of her eye and she’s gutted to see him behind bars. She can’t help feel that it’s her fault and she should have been able to protect him. I don’t know whether they will ever come back from this.

Can you talk us through Chrissie and Rebecca’s fight? 

Chrissie can’t help but blame Rebecca for Lachlan being arrested in the first place. She holds Rebecca responsible for what’s happened to her son and she lashes out at her.

How badly is Chrissie hurt?

Well it’s quite a tussle that the sisters have, she’s pretty badly hurt and ends up in hospital.

How desperate is Chrissie to get Rebecca out of her hair? 

I think she really would. It’s what Rebecca did to Lachlan after all.

Is Chrissie still on track to become Emmerdale’s biggest bitch?

I hope so. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I love the fact that she’s always plotting and I never know what she’s going to do next!

What reaction have you had from fans since she’s become more ruthless?

They love it! Some of the older ladies hate her but I think they enjoy hating her.

The Dales has seen some great wicked women in the past such as Kim Tate, Sadie King and Steph Stokes. Did you have a favourite and do you think Chrissie could give them all a run for her money?

They are all fabulous. Watch this space.

Which Emmerdale man do you think Chrissie should sink her claws into next?

She’s had moments with quite a few of the men in the village so she running out of fresh options!

Would you like to see Chrissie find her birth father?

I’m sure they won’t let that go, he’ll be out there somewhere. Nothing stays dormant forever in soap so II wouldn’t be surprised if he turns up sooner rather than later!

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