Emmerdale’s Michael Parr – Ross is not afraid of Robert!

The war between Ross Barton and Robert Sugen escalates in Emmerdale next week sparking major repercussions for the two villagers.

Both Robert and Aaron want payback and decide to take it over Ross’ blackmail plans so they steal his taxi and when he arrives at the scrapyard to get his vehicle back, he’s furious to see it crushed up.

Ross storms off, leaving Aaron and Robert highly amused, but he then ups the ante by taking Robert’s car.

As Robert and Aaron consider their options, Adam finds Ross’s mobile and soon an intriguing text leads them straight to Wylie’s farm where they catch Ross and Finn redhanded moving bags full of cannabis into Emma’s car.

Robert is thrilled to spot a new opportunity and when Ross later shows up he’s furious to discover the cannabis has disappeared and it’s not long before a text arrives explaining what’s happened.

He hurries off to sort things out, leaving Finn at Wylie’s but the dealers soon turn up and are furious to realise the drugs have gone. They threaten Finn, who is beyond terrified and they demand he help them track down the drugs.

Meanwhile, Ross watches in horror as Robert and Aaron destroy the cannabis plants in a wood chipper in the middle of a field – have they put all of them in danger?

Here Michael Parr, who plays Ross, reveals all…


How much of a threat is Robert as far as Ross is concerned?

Ross doesn’t really regard Robert as a threat – more of an annoyance. Robert is the rich one in the village who seems always to have the upper hand, in business and in love, and Ross is keen to bring him down a peg or two.

Did Ross expect Robert to react so viciously when he blackmailed him?

I don’t think Ross expected Robert to react as Ross doesn’t really think ahead! He knows Robert can play dirty but he didn’t expect him to do what he did and Ross is less than happy with Robert’s action. Robert’s really hit him in a hard place by nicking his cab and he’s not happy. Not happy at all.

Is Ross afraid of him? What about Aaron?

Ross is definitely not afraid of Robert or Aaron. Ross is sure of himself and thinks of himself as a village bad boy. Robert and Aaron are just two lads who live in the village who aren’t angels but equally, pose little threat to Ross.

How does he feel when he realises they’ve stolen his taxi and it’s crushed?

He’s absolutely fuming! They’ve taken one of his most valuable possessions and he’s incensed and determined to get revenge.

What does Finn make of the situation?

Finn’s the sensible one so his suggestion of calling the police might have worked if Ross hadn’t been playing dirty all along. When Finn finds out Ross has been blackmailing Robert he can’t believe his brother would have been so stupid and isn’t impressed.

What does Ross do next and why? Does he think he can get away with it?

Ross decides it’s an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and decides to nick Robert’s car. He thinks he can blackmail Robert and Aaron into giving him a replacement taxi back. It’s a risky strategy but Ross likes playing the hard man.

How do Robert and Aaron end up at Wylie’s Farm?

Adam finds Ross’s mobile in the back of the taxi and brings it to Aaron and Robert. He’s just like their puppy dog! Robert and Aaron look through Ross’s texts and decide to play detective with the information on them. Next minute they’re rolling up to Wylie’s Farm – and see everything – and that Robert’s thrilled!

Why isn’t Ross afraid of whoever owns the drugs?

Ross doesn’t really have fear. He thinks he can outsmart most, if not all, people. He figures with this scheme it’s a fast turnaround, great get-rich quick operation.

How willing a partner in crime is Finn?

Bizarrely, having got over his initial worries, Finn’s been up for it… However that changes when the drug dealers roll up and start to threaten him. Finn is a gentle soul and well out of his depth when the dealers appear and his big brother’s not there to help him.

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Where are they moving the drugs to and to do what?

They just want shot of them – get them off their hands and make a quick buck.
Where do they think the drugs have gone when they find them missing?

They have no idea. They panic and wonder where the drugs are and realise that they’re cash strapped without a way out.  They think the dealers might have been back until Finn gets a text – which explains everything.

How would Ross feel to know that Finn is accosted by the dealers?

For all his bluster, Ross is a good big brother and quite protective over Finn. He knows Finn is quite a gentle soul so he would be worried for him.

Is Ross capable of standing up to them?

Yeah! Of course! Ross can take anyone on.

Has he bitten off more than he can chew this time?

Yes, he probably has but in his mind he hasn’t.

How is what’s set to happen next set to affect the family’s future?

Well there will be fallout from what happens… You’ll have to wait and see if the Barton brothers get caught out for their dalliance with drugs!

Are you looking forward to the bombshell of Emma’s crimes?

Being part of the Barton family and having Emma as a mother has been a fun storyline to play and has affected lots of the villagers. I can’t imagine what it will be like when it all comes out – if it does – but I look forward to it if and seeing how Ross will react.

Would Ross and Robert be better off working together, do you reckon?

I think they would make a really strong partnership actually but I can’t see it happening – but I guess, never say never! They would make quite a team.

Does Ross still have feelings for Rebecca?

I think Ross wasn’t too bothered about Rebecca although it’s always nice to have a bit of a flirtation. HIs heart lies with Debbie though really.

Do you think they made a good couple?

I think they could have made quite a powerful couple especially since she has access to cash!

Would you like to work closely with Emily Head again?

I really enjoyed working with Emily. We had quite a laugh on and off set. I see her around the building of course and often on Woolpack filming days.

Do you like filming the face-off scenes with Ryan?

I love the “hard man” aspect to Ross’s character and Robert stands up to him really well. When I see I have a scene with Ryan, I always know there’ll be lots of energy and jostling to it.

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