Emmerdale’s Ryan Hawley – Robert has to own up to what he’s done

Guilt-ridden Robert Sugden is going to confess all to Aaron Dingle next week and reveal all about his affair with Rebecca White.

The two men return to the village next week but Robert’s instantly on edge as Ross Barton tries to blackmail him over getting Rebecca pregnant.

As Rebecca secretly decides to keep the baby, Robert realises he needs to be honest with Aaron once and for all.

Here Ryan Hawley reveals all…

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Robert’s going to tell Aaron about his liaison, is it because he feels it’s going to come out anyway or is he doing it because he just wants to be honest?

When Aaron and Robert come back from holiday, that kind of tells itself over a few episode, that specific reason why. He does come back to Ross blackmailing him and trying to extort him, there is that pressure. And he tries to get out of that by going to Rebecca and asking for help. But he kind of sees that maybe it’s time to own up to what he’s done and if he cares so much about Aaron that he should be honest with him and tell him what happened. And then leave that decision to Aaron, whether he wants to be with him or not and just face the consequences.

How does he tell him then?

He speaks to him, verbally, not in a text. It’s the first night in their new home together.

Does he try and justify what he did?

Yeah because there’s a moment between them where they are being intimate in the room together and it boils out and he’s emotional and says ‘I need to tell you’ and he tells him and you have quite a long argument between the two. There’s arguments as to why he did it and he tries to justify his reasons for it and why he feels there’s some kind of understanding, some kind of empathy that Aaron could have with him. It’s played out over a double episode so it should be a nice episode.

How does Robert feel about poor Rebecca? He’s very mean to her…

He is. It’s damage limitation to some extent. He loves Aaron and he really regrets this, he didn’t want to do it. He doesn’t want to do it, it wasn’t for any means of gratification, he didn’t have some burning desire for her. It was a moment where he felt rock bottom, thought that the two of them were over and he’s got that bitterness and he’s an unhinged character. And that comes out sometimes and times like this, it comes out and it has big repercussions that’s gong to get in the way of this relationship. And there’s nothing he can do about that now other than try and rescue this relationship. That’s really what that is, you seeing that other side of his personality and him using that to get what he wants and to prevent Aaron from getting hurt.

Would you like to see Robert become a dad?

It would certainly affect the relationship between Aaron and Robert if a baby were to come out of this. There would be two different tangents, they would be drastically different from each other. I enjoy everything they write for us. We’re really lucky, they give us some great opportunities and some fantastic drama and personally I’m very lucky to be involved in it. And I know Danny does as well.

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They have a new flat, it’s lovely isn’t it?

It’s a beautiful setting, this new place. It’s really modern. It’s really opulent. There’s a few things in it that are a bit quirky, but it’s a really nice set. We haven’t worked in it that much because we’ve just come back from the time which we are now absent on screen, but it’s really nice.

The passion online has been really intense. Ryan, are you glad you’re not on social media?

Not being on social media doesn’t make you completely immune to everything that’s being said about you. Obviously we talk, and other cast members and such. And it was to be expected that a portion of the audience are very supportive of Robert and Aaron’s relationship were going to feel very angry. That’s drama.

What do you think about that portion who work themselves up into a frenzy?

It’s not really any of my business what people want to say about the characters. It’s there for them to watch and have those feelings. I’d rather not take part in it.

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