Emmerdale’s Ryan Hawley – Robert will wait for jailed Aaron

Emmerdale’s Ryan Hawley says Aaron Dingle’s 12 month prison sentence won’t be the end of Robron.

The actor, who plays Robert Sugden, says his alter ego is devastated when Aaron is sentenced to a year behind bars. Ryan admits that Robert’s life will “be on hold” as he waits for his lover.

Before Aaron’s jailed Robert organises a wedding but it remains to be seen whether the two men actually tie the knot.

Ryan said: “He’s really nervous because it’s a surprise for Aaron, he’s been doing it all behind his back and working hard to make it perfect. He wants a nice day for Aaron before his sentence, before he gets taken away, but things don’t go to plan.

“There are certain obstacles that come up and they have to overcome them. You see Cain acting up, Paddy acting up and he shows his disapproval.

“It’s romantic, sentimental and symbolic but it’s a case of will the wedding go ahead, or won’t it.”

Asked how he feels about Aaron’s 12 month sentence, Ryan added: “He’s devastated because he’s losing his partner and his life will be on hold just as much as Aaron’s.

“It’ll be horrible, he’ll wait for Aaron, it’s why he’s making this commitment to him so that when he gets out they can carry on their lives as the intended to do.”

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