Emmerdale’s Sally Dexter – Has Faith discovered Emma’s secret?

Emma Barton better watch out because it looks like her killer secret is exposed in next week’s Emmerdale.

The villager has been hiding the fact she killed James Barton for months, but as the pressure mounts she makes a confession in church, which, unknown to her is overheard by one of her neighbours.

And it looks like that person is Faith Dingle, who soon piles on the pressure when she decides to hold a psychic evening at the Woolpack after claiming she can communicate with ghosts.

As the event gets underway, Faith claims she’s channelling James Barton, leaving Emma petrified about what she’s about to reveal.

Sally Dexter, who plays Faith, teased: “I think there’s a chance that she may have been the one who heard Emma and if she were then I think it would put Emma under a lot of pressure.

“Faith is a good person but she has a dark side to her and may well use what she heard against the other person, to her advantage.

“If Faith really can contact the dead then god help us all! To put it bluntly, she couldn’t give a toss what the Barton’s think, she’s doing it for Sarah’s gain, to make money.

“Faith’s impression of Emma is not very good, I think she’s quite concerned for her, she thinks she’s a bit of a nutcase.”

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