Emmerdale’s Sally Dexter – Faith will cause havoc!

Emmerdale’s new arrival Sally Dexter has warned Faith Dingle is going to cause havoc now she’s set foot in the village.

It was revealed on Friday that the mysterious woman hiding in the barn is Cain and Chas Dingle’s mum.

Described by Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod as a “gin-fuelled whirlwind”, Sally confirms that she’s going to cause havoc.

Talking about Faith’s reason for showing up, Sally said: “She saw the fundraising online for Sarah and has had a bit of a health scare herself which has put her life into a bit of perspective. She wants to see her family again, touch roots again.

“The last time she saw Cain and Chas was a long time ago, they parted on fighting terms and there’s a fair bit of bad blood between them so they are not delighted.”

Asked what her plans are, Sally added: “She arrives causing havoc and that’s how she’s set to continue, she’s mischievous. She’s not nasty but she’s a little bit naughty.

“I think Faith will do anything she can possibly think of to help Sarah, some of the things are perhaps not appropriate but she does them anyway, she has no shame, she’s completely unapologetic.

“She has a good heart, she makes mistakes, but she makes them honestly.”

Sally continued: “I’m hugely enjoying being in Emmerdale, it’s fantastic. It’s a well oiled machine, it’s amazing to me how hard everyone works but also how much fun everyone has.

“I got cast last November and I have had to all but sew my mouth shut to keep it a secret! My mother was orbiting cloud nine for quite a while!”

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