Emmerdale’s Scarlett Archer on her exit next week – There are more shocks to come!

  1. Emmerdale’s Nell Fairfax is set to make a shock exit from the soap next week after being exposed as a sick faker.

In an explosive storyline twist screened tonight it was revealed that she has faked every aspect of her life and deliberately came to the village to target Jai Sharma.

The truth came spilling out when Jai realised the picture Nell had said was of her dead daughter was really a modelling photo used to sell picture frames.

And when he did a bit more digging he discovered a secret file of notes she had kept about the death of his former lover Holly Barton, proving that she had planned the last six months of manipulation.

Now fans should expect more twists to come.

Talking about her dramatic exit next week, Scarlett Archer, who plays Nell, said: “We do find out why she’s done all this and the audience are going to be shocked, there are a couple more big twists to come before she leaves next week.

“There’s something bigger to come around the corner, it’s very dark, she’s completely crazy and seriously troubled – people better watch out!

“Nell’s a fantasist, a deeply troubled person. I wouldn’t say she’s evil but she’s got serious mental health issues and has done some very bad things.

“She’s been telling all these lies which is a massive shock, this whole time she’s been planning everything. She’s never taken drugs, she even faked an overdose, she’s never had a child called Rosie and she’s not even pregnant – it’s all a fantasy.”

Scarlett admits it’s been tough keeping it a secret from those closest to her having known about the twist from the start.

She added: “It’s been so hard keeping this secret, I knew this from the start but haven’t told any of my family or friends because they’ve really been enjoying the storyline and I didn’t want to ruin it for them.

“It’s been difficult because I wanted to play it so that when the twist came it wasn’t out of the blue.

“Her behaviour has been a little off from the beginning, some fans have been saying things like I’m a bad actress and Nell’s a bad mother, so it’s been hard because I couldn’t say to them, ‘wait and see what happens as there’s a pay off’. I hope fans will understand why she’s done all this but I think they will probably just think she’s an utter terror and a terrible human.

“I’m worried how strongly people might feel about it! But it’s a terrible thing, to be fair, so people have the right to be angry! I guess if they are really angry then I have done my job properly!”

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