Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry – Pierce is rotten!

Emmerdale’s Rhona Kirk is going get engaged to Pierce Harris next week – but is she making a huge mistake?

After sharing a secret kiss with her estranged husband Paddy, Rhona is left feeling guilty for cheating on her boyfriend, Pierce.

She comes up with a plan to make it up to him, by telling him it might be a good time to propose to her again, so Pierce proposes and she is delighted to accept.

Worried about Rhona and Pierce’s sudden decision to get married, Vanessa wonders what is really going on and questions her friend about their plans unaware Pierce has heard everything.

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Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona explained: “I think in situations like Rhona’s you only see what you want to see. She’s so desperate for the relationship to work because if it fails, it fails in front of her ex husband, and she doesn’t want that.

“When he’s good, he’s brilliant, but when he’s bad, he’s just rotten. She tries to ignore the bad days, the mood swings and the controlling behaviour.”

She added: “She wants to make everything OK, so she says, ‘Ask me to marry you again’, so he does and she says yes.

“She really wants to tell him about the kiss with Paddy but he won’t let her get the words out, Paddy has told her it would kill the relationship so sometimes secrets are best left unsaid.

“Rhona genuinely loves him but I think Pierce only lets his facade slip when she’s not around, she never sees it.”

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