Exclusive: New villain in Hollyoaks

Footballers Wives star Cristian Solimeno has joined Hollyoaks as a new villain, SoapSquawk can confirm.
The actor – famous for his role as Jason Turner in the saucy series – will play gangster Ray McCormick.
His arrival will cause serious issues for local hardman Fraser Black because they are sworn enemies and have clashed in the past.
Bosses are keeping it a secret as to exactly why Ray has arrived in the village but confirmed it’s bad news for Fraser.

Fans will initially see him next month for a few episodes but we can reveal that he will be back at Christmas for a longer stint.
A show insider said: “Fraser may be the big man in town but everyone has their demons, and Ray is Fraser’s.
“He’s really going to spoil Christmas for Fraser this year and push him to his limit.”

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0 responses to “Exclusive: New villain in Hollyoaks

  1. What are hollyoaks thinking. They don’t need another gangster. They going in the right direction with the jp story only to hold it back with crap like this. How many villains do you need in such a small village. When they put this side by side with the jp/finn stuff ppl are going to see it a sensation rather than getting the word of male rape out. Two steps forward and two steps back.

  2. I wanted more villians like clare devine and im really excited for this male rape storyline it’s gonna be upsetting and dramatc and James Sutton (who plays John-Paul) and Keith Rice (who plays Finn) they are such amazing actors and the domestic storyline with Patrick hitting Maxine is gonna be again dramatic and they are so many people out there getting rape and beaten up well done holyoaks im proud to call myself a fan xxxx

  3. I have to say I totally agree with Dale999, Hollyoaks do not need yet another villain. Just when I’m prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt they go and disappoint all over again. What is wrong with the people in charge at that place? They bang on about doing justice to storylines like the rape and domestic violence issues like grown-ups and yet keep coming up with ridiculous nonsense like another villain. You can’t have it both ways. You’re 18 now Hollyoaks get a grip.

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