Hollyoaks’ Adam Woodward – Brody loves a love triangle!

If you’re getting Ibiza Oaks withdrawals, fear not because the summer vibes are back in Hollyoaks village thanks to Holly Cunningham, Lisa Loveday, Ellie Nightingale and buff boys Brody Hudson, Zack Loveday, Damon Kinsella.

With Brody now in Hollyoaks to join best friend, Damon at the Duke St Social, fans will be wondering how long it’ll be until he reveals what he saw in Ibiza – Neeta in bed with her pupil, Hunter.

Damon and Brody have already locked horns over their joint admiration of Lisa Loveday, but decided that their friendship was more important.

However, with more gorgeous girls in Hollyoaks than they can shake a stick at, surely there’s only so long that they can stick to their bro-code.

Here Adam Woodward, who plays Brody, discusses his first week on screen…

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What do you think makes Brody and Damon work so well as mates?

We just bounce of each other, and straight away in the audition process when we were rehearsing; it just seemed to work well. The dialogue between us is great, and I think that’s what paid off in the audition with the exec, because we were able to rehearse together and get the right energy for the characters.

How has your time at Hollyoaks been so far?

It’s amazing to join! All the cast and crew and everyone that works at Lime are amazing to work with and from the minute I walked in the door, they were nothing but welcoming.

Who would you love to work with that you haven’t had the chance to work with yet?

I’d like to work with Gary Lucy and Ashley Taylor Dawson. Gary was so iconic all those years ago and has now come back, and obviously Ashley has been here for so long as well – I haven’t worked with them yet so I think I could learn a lot from them.

Have you got any funny stories from your time on set?

Every now and then someone will tell a joke, but because everything is filmed so fast-paced you kind of have to get over the joke quite quickly, and there’s the very odd occasion that they roll up for a take and everybody is still sniggering. Trying to hold it in makes it so much worse! The other day I got the giggles and I was trying to feed lines, I was absolutely sweating trying to hold my laughter in.

Have you always wanted to be an actor?

I came into acting about six/seven years ago. It was something I was always interested in but never had the confidence to pursue but, eventually, I went to my first class and from there I knew it was something I wanted to do.

What upcoming stories would you love?

I’ve loved the stories that we’ve had so far, actually. I quite like that Brody isn’t settling down yet, so it will be interesting to see how he fits into the village, relationship-wise. It will be good to see if he does go against all that and end up with someone, or if he just continues being involved in people’s love triangles.

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