Hollyoaks to air new abuse storyline

Hollyoaks is to explore the issue of familial abuse in a storyline that will run throughout next year with the village’s newest family The Maaliks.

Teenager Imran Maalik will start physically and emotionally hurting his mother, Misbah after years of feeling isolated by the rest of his family.

Imran is the youngest son in Hollyoaks’ newest family, the Maaliks and has always felt side-lined by his other siblings.  

The long-running storyline will follow Misbah’s struggle as she is torn between protecting her beloved son, ensuring her own personal safety, while also maintaining her job at the hospital and being a parent to her other children.

Hollyoaks is working with Family Lives and local charity Sefton Women’s And Children’s Aid on this issue storyline. The Muslim Council of Great Britain has provided cultural advice on the story.

Speaking about the storyline, Harvey Virdi who plays Misbah, said: “Violence against parents is a taboo subject.  

“Mothers often blame themselves, suffer in silence and live in fear and shame.  I am so proud to be part of this new storyline here at Hollyoaks, exploring Misbah’s difficult relationship with her son and the impact the violence has on her and the rest of the Maalik family.  

“Hopefully we can raise awareness and understanding around this difficult subject.”

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