Hollyoaks’ Charlie Clapham on his exit – Fred leaves on heroic terms!

Hollyoaks’ Charlie Clapham has opened up about his decision to leave the show and revealed Freddie Roscoe gets a ‘heroic’ exit.

The character has taken the law into his own hands and attacked Nick Savage after the charges against him for raping Ellie Nightingale were dropped.

However, Freddie is forced to go on the run in tonight’s E4 episode when he’s faced with a potential 12 year prison sentence because of his previous criminal record.

Ellie is prepared to leave Hollyoaks with her boyfriend, but Freddie realises that he can’t take her away from her family, so they say an emotional goodbye, before Freddie is driven away from Hollyoaks forever by his half-brother, Darren Osborne.

Here Charlie reveals all…

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Can you tell us a bit about Freddie’s exit?

After 4 years I felt the time was right to hang up the leather jacket. It was an incredibly hard decision but I was excited to see how the writing team and producers were going to have Freddie Roscoe sign out. Fortunately for Fred and me, we got to leave the ‘Oaks on somewhat heroic terms after Freddie took matters of Ellie’s attacker into his own hands, literally.

Why does Freddie choose to leave Ellie behind?

I think Freddie has always been a lone ranger, even when his family was around he rarely kept any of them close. I often found Freddie would put others before himself when the real danger came into play and would therefore find himself on his own. I think it was only right for him to leave on his own with the help of his trusty half-brother, Dazzler Osborne!

How much have you enjoyed your time at Hollyoaks?

I recently posted a thank you to everyone at Lime Pictures for the past 4 years saying that they were the best of my life and that is the truth. It has been a magical whirlwind that I have thoroughly enjoyed throughout, meeting and working with really lovely human beings the whole time. I’ve always received a lot of support from the fans too during my time on the show – that is something I’ve never taken for granted and I consider myself very lucky to have felt that.

How does it feel to be the last Roscoe standing?

Freddie Roscoe, last Roscoe standing – I never thought I’d see that. It only seems like yesterday we were all starting together. It’s only when the rest of the family leaves that you really appreciate how good it was when we were all together. There were some long days, but I’d go back and do it all again if I could.

What and who will you miss the most?

I’ll miss being on set the most. Some days are longer than others but you get through it together and have a lot of fun in the process. I always got a good feeling heading onto set, shaking hands with everybody and cracking on with the scenes. The crews are always changing, always a different group of faces, spearheaded by a first assistant director. One man in particular called Colin Melia would drive shoots through to the end, but still allow a lot of banter – I always looked forward to working with him.

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What are your Hollyoaks highlights?

My highlight would be filming my first episode. I had no idea what was going on, it was a crazy new world I was entering and it all seemed quite magical. Plus I got to work with Nikki Sanderson who I fancied when I was growing up… which I told her!

What do you hope for Freddie’s future?

I would like to see Freddie venture off with Lexi to South Africa, chilling out with her uncles, Robbie and Jason, oh and of course the wonderful Sandy Roscoe.

Freddie’s exit leaves him open for a return, is that something you are glad about?

I was flattered not to have been killed off – I think it’s a good sign. I like to think of the possibility of being able to go back one day. Not for a while though – I was so emotional on my last day, I couldn’t go through all that again anytime soon!

What would your dream role be for the future?

Dream role? Oooooh I don’t know, I consider myself to be very lucky to have played Freddie for so long. Growing up I’d always dreamt of being able to say I was an actor and Hollyoaks made that possible, so I guess Freddie Roscoe was in many ways a dream role come true.

Do you have a leaving message for everybody?

I would like to thank everybody at Lime Pictures for four incredible years that I will never forget. Every single member of staff, production and crew – you’re all wonderful human beings and I can’t thank you enough for having me as part of your family. I would also like to thank the fans. The show would not exist without you. There would be no Hollyoaks, no awards, no amazing experience and certainly no Freddie Roscoe. Thank you for making all of the above possible!

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