Hollyoaks’ Duncan James – Ste always messes things up for Ryan

Hollyoaks’ Ryan Knight is up to his next in trouble this week as his affair with Mercedes McQueen is revealed.

When the Detective was introduced to Hollyoaks as the fiancé of Amy Barnes he seemed like a squeaky-clean family man, ready to make a fresh start with her and her two children.

However, it quickly transpired that Ryan will do anything to cover up his mistakes. When he slept with Mercedes after an argument with Amy, he allowed himself to be blackmailed by Goldie McQueen who had videoed the one night stand.

The video ends up being played on a projector at Ryan’s birthday party in front of his police colleagues, as well as Mercedes, Amy, Ste and Harry.

Will Ryan be able to talk his way out of the embarrassing situation and who is to blame for the impromptu screening?

Here Duncan James teases what’s coming up…

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Can you tell us what’s happening with Ryan this week in Hollyoaks?

Well, this week Ryan gets his comeuppance because Amy finds out what Ryan’s been up to with Mercedes and the truth comes out in a spectacular way. Ryan is about to have his secret birthday party and Amy exposes Ryan for what he did. It’s all go this week in Hollyoaks!

Do you think Amy should forgive Ryan?

I think you need to watch to see what happens! There’s a lot of grovelling about to happen from Ryan and all I can say is that he’s really sad and really upset about what he’s done, and it looks like Amy may get rid of him for good.

If you were in Ryan’s shoes, what would you do to save the relationship?

I guess if I was Ryan I would want to do anything I could, because I know how much Ryan loves Amy and I would, pretty much, want to do the same for somebody I loved. I think Ryan becomes a bit pathetic though – when he’s trying to get her back – so I think I would man up a little bit more.

Does Ryan have feelings for Mercedes?

That’s a difficult one because I think Mercedes is a very attractive woman, but I do believe that Ryan is genuinely, deeply in love with Amy and he realises that it was a big mistake being with another woman. Mercedes is a very beautiful woman so I’m sure Ryan does think she’s hot but I don’t think he has feelings for her.

Do you think Amy and Ryan could ever have a happy family whilst still living so close to Ste?

I think the problem for Ryan is that Ste’s always there to mess things up, and I think it causes a lot of tension and a lot of problems! Sadly, Ste always seems to get the blame for everything, which then causes problems between Ryan and Amy because Ste is putting his oar in. I think it would be better if Amy and Ryan moved away from Hollyoaks… but you’ll have to tune in! Watch this space!

So, you’ve been nominated for the ‘Best Newcomer’ National Television Award, how does that feel?

It feels amazing! Thanks to everyone who has voted. If you haven’t voted already, go to nationaltvawards.com/vote and also, please vote for Hollyoaks. We need all those votes, that’d be amazing! Again, thank you all very much! I am very proud and happy.

What would it mean to you to win?

I would just be really proud, and you know being here – part of the Hollyoaks family – everybody deserves to win the best achievements. It would mean so much to everybody if we won.

A lot of famous faces attend the NTAs, is there anyone who you’d be starstruck by?

Well, I don’t really get starstruck but I’d love to see my friend Rita Simons who played Roxy Mitchell in Eastenders. I haven’t seen her in ages – I wouldn’t be starstruck – but I’d be really excited to see her, and I’d be jumping around like a little boy because I miss her so much! She’s one of my best friends.

Are you enjoying playing Ryan?

Yes, I really enjoy playing Ryan. It’s a nice contrast for me because I have always been kind of known as a nice guy in Blue, and it’s nice to play a part that is actually a bit of a numpty, and a bit of a conniving, controlling kind of person. I don’t think Ryan is that popular, so it’s nice to play somebody unpopular – when I like to think I’ve always been quite popular myself!

You’ve been around for a few months now, have you made any friends for life?

Friends for life? That’s a big question because you never know who will be a friend for life… But everybody here on the Hollyoaks set are really lovely, and it’s just been great to be part of this family and meet some amazing people.

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Ste is one of Hollyoaks’ most loved characters, did this add a bit of pressure for you knowing Ryan would be going up against him?

Yeah, but it actually adds to Ryan’s character as well, because Ste is so popular and so liked it makes Ryan the opposite of that. It makes him more hated and more disliked. It’s fun playing a part like that because you can really get your teeth into it and make people react at home. It creates more of an emotion in somebody watching at home – which is what you want at the end of the day.

How does Hollyoaks differ to being in Blue?

Well, it’s very different. I get to work in Blue with the same people all the time, but in Hollyoaks I get to meet people coming in and out all the time. People are always changing so you get to work with new characters and stuff so it is very different in that respect. Also the Hollyoaks family is a lot bigger than the Blue family. But I love them both equally the same!

What’s your favourite thing about being at Hollyoaks?

For me personally, one of my favourite things about being in Hollyoaks is the fact that there’s such a nice family feel on set. Everybody looks out for each other, and everyone is just dead nice. It’s really lovely to be part of such a warm, loving family and feel at home. I now call Liverpool my home because I have just bought a house here… so I am now an honorary Scouser!

Viewers can tune in to discover how the video comes to be played at Ryan’s party, and if Ryan can win Amy back on Thursday 26 January, E4, 7pm and Friday 27 January, Ch4, 6:30pm.

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