Hollyoaks’ Jacqueline Boatswain – Simone feels utterly betrayed

It’s all going to kick off in Hollyoaks because tonight Simone Loveday discovered the truth about exactly who’s the father of Daniel Lomax.

It’s a secret Louis Loveday has been desperate to keep ever since his one night stand with Leela last year.

The secret had remained between Louis and Leela until Leela started a relationship with Louis’ other son, Zack and was forced to tell him that the tot he’d been caring for was actually his half-brother!

Since the revelation, Zack has kept the truth from his mum and sister, Lisa, but tensions have been high between the two Loveday men.

But in tonight’s E4 first look episode Simone learned the heart breaking truth when she overheard an argument between Louis and Zack after baby Daniel is rushed to hospital.

Here Jacqueline Boatswain, who plays Simone, reveals how she’s going to react to the news…

How is Simone feeling about her relationship with Louis at the moment?

She’s feeling loved up and thinks they’re back on track. She’s desperate for a baby, but they have each other and they have Zack and Lisa – she’s feeling good.

How much is Simone pinning her hopes on Lisa being their surrogate?

It’s everything to her that she could be a mother again, it’s her opportunity to get it right and cement the bond that her and Louis already have – she believes they’re really good parents. It was a massive blow for her to be told she couldn’t have children and a disappointment, and so for Lisa to throw her that lifeline out of the blue, it was a dream and suddenly everything’s rosy again.

Is her want for another baby stemming from the time she missed out on with Lisa?

Absolutely, she definitely wants the opportunity to do the ‘raising’ again because she had such a long time away from Lisa and she feels that it would be her chance to get it right.

Has Simone picked up on any tension between Zack and Louis?

No, she’s not picked up on anything. She’s in her own bubble; she’s not picked up on any of that tension. But even if she had, she’d brush it aside and she’d just tell Zack not to talk to his dad like that and ask why he’s in a bad mood – she wouldn’t think it would be anything big because those two are tight.

Can you explain how she finds out that Louis is Daniel’s father?

She’s gone to the hospital with Lisa for surrogacy treatment and Louis is meant to be there too, but he’s gone missing. This is a family thing and Simone feels like it’s something they all need to be together to do, so she leaves Lisa in the hospital room and goes to find Louis. But on her way out of the hospital, she overhears the argument between Louis and Zack where Louis basically accuses Zack of hurting Daniel because he’s jealous, because he’s his son – and that’s what she hears!

What is her immediate reaction?

Utter shock and disbelief. She hasn’t even gone into the ramifications of it – it’s just a gut-punch and that moment that you’re told something utterly shocking that you are winded with it. She’s utterly winded, and then the betrayal, humiliation and anger come later.

Will this affect her desire to have another baby with Louis?

I think Simone wants a baby regardless. I doubt whether she can forgive Louis for Daniel, but she wants a baby – that is her top priority. I’m sure Louis would like to think that he could mend bridges by still giving her a baby.

How do you imagine Simone will cope moving forward?

Simone’s not going to cope at all because it will look like Louis has skipped off into the sunset. He’s got everything that she wanted. He’s got Zack and Lisa, as well as Daniel – he’s had his family life and it’s beyond infuriating for Simone. She’s not going to like it because he’s got the chance to be a father again with Daniel, but not with her as the mother and that was always her dream. Louis is hers, they are together and they should always be together. Getting through the Joanne thing was a big leap – there’s no coming back from this.

What advice would you give Simone if she was your friend?

Run! Just run, hold on to your dignity. The best revenge is getting on with your life and being successful. Being vile to someone else when they’ve hurt you is like drinking a cup of poison and hoping it will kill them. I would just say, as hard as it is, try and take the high road.

If Simone and Louis break up, how much will you miss working with Karl?

Oh my! Karl’s like family in real life. We’ve known each other for years and have been close friends for years and it’s just easy working with each other. Even if we’re in a bad mood, we have our moments when we’re snappy, but it’s easy because we can say “let’s try that again” or “do it like that” and neither of us takes offence. Or I can say “what was that” and he can say “I didn’t like that” and we can do that with each other. I’d really miss that if Simone and Louis weren’t together because that is a rarity to find someone you can work with like that.

Is there anyone else in the village that Simone could have her eye on?

There might be some flirtation in the future because I feel like Simone would want to prove a point to Louis – I’m still desirable, people still want me, as buttoned up as she is! But Louis knows that deep down Simone isn’t ‘buttoned up’, so I think it would be good for her to let her wild side out, let her hair down and for people to see that she can be in some sort of relationship with someone else – even though Louis is ‘the one’, the love of her life.

What’s the best bit about being a Loveday?

The best bit about being a Loveday is that our bond is real. We hang out together in real life and it’s just like coming to work with your family and your best friends. Being on set is easy, it’s a laugh and even if one of us is in a bad mood, we help each other through it. It feels like family.

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