Hollyoaks’ James Redmond on Finn’s return to the village

Hollyoaks will see the return of an old face as Finn makes a return to the village

The former villager – played by James Redmond – was a favourite with fans during his first stint on the show from 1998 to 2002.

Now he’s back to entertain a new set of fans and James says it’s a delight to be back in Chester.

Tell us about your character…

I play Finn… WHO? Well ask your mum or your gran! I was first in the show from 1998 – 2002 and I was one of Tony and Jambo’s friends. I would probably describe Finn as a cheeky chappy! Finn has aged a bit and is a bit more self-aware, but he’s always been laid back and a bit of a ladies man and a joker. So I think definitely expect bit more of that and a bit of fun I think.

Why does Finn return to Hollyoaks?

Tony is in a bit of a mess and Diane rings Finn to try and sort him out. However, it doesn’t really go well, because Finn just arrives and kind of takes the mickey out of Tony.

What is Tony and Finn’s relationship like?

They’ve also had a bit of a love/hate relationship. They’d both be devastated if anything happened to one another, but they are very different. Tony is very serious and Finn is very laid back and a bit of a joker, but they do care about each other, so it’ll be nice to see them helping each other out. I think some of your best friends are the ones who can say quite brutal, blunt stuff and Finn is kind of one of those friends to Tony and vice versa.

What’s it been like coming back to Hollyoaks?

It’s great because it’s not only coming back into the show with new characters; I have scenes with cast members I worked with like 18 years ago, it’s amazing.

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