Hollyoaks’ James Sutton – Finn holds James hostage!

Hollyoaks’ James Sutton has revealed Chester rapist Finn O’Connor is going to hold James Nightingale hostage in prison.

Following their kiss during last night’s E4 episode, John Paul McQueen and Ste Hay decide it would be best to come clean to their partners, James and Harry Thompson.

John Paul has grown closer to his estranged husband since news of Finn’s potential release from prison came out, and with James deciding to represent Finn – albeit to make sure he stays in prison – John Paul and James are well and truly on the rocks.

However, what John Paul is unaware of is that during a visit to see Finn in prison, James is attacked by the teen.

Here James reveals what’s going on….

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John Paul finds out James’ plan to keep Finn in prison and he isn’t happy about it. What is it about James’ plan that he doesn’t like?

John Paul doesn’t want James to be involved with Finn in the slightest; he just wants Finn to remain in prison. To hear that James is representing Finn in order to keep him in prison, makes John Paul very unhappy because James is making Finn the victim. The very mention of Finn’s name affects John Paul.

Can you give us some exclusive news about what happens between James and Finn after this?

James goes in to see Finn but pushes Finn too far. Finn doesn’t respond well and attacks James and holds him hostage. It’s all very huge and dramatic. It’s not great for James but hopefully Finn’s behaviour has a knock-on effect and shows that he is not safe to come out of prison.

What could this now mean for James and John Paul?

It adds another layer to their already complicated relationship. James going behind John Paul’s back is not a good thing and it makes John Paul question whether or not he can trust James.

What’s it like working with Gregory Finnegan?

It’s a struggle to be honest; he’s not very experienced and I have to offer him a lot of advice laughs only joking! It’s been great working with Greg, he’s a brilliant actor.

Finn returning was obviously huge for John Paul, what was going through his head when he found out?

He was just devastated. Finn is a bad guy, the worst kind of guy and John Paul had come to terms with Finn staying in prison and now to have him return is devastating for John Paul. Immediately, you can see John Paul is distraught and all the memories of Finn come flooding back.

John Paul and Ste kiss, what can you tell us about what is going on between the two of them?

They’ve always had a connection from when they were married and technically they still are married. Ste’s been having problems with Harry and John Paul has been having problems with James due to his lying about Finn, so they are drawn to each other.

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Would you like them to get back together?

I don’t know if I would like them to get back together; probably not actually. I quite like their friendship. With John Paul and Ste I think there’s a lot more fun to be had with them as friends.

How do you think James and Harry would feel if they found out?

I don’t think they’d be happy whatsoever. Harry would be livid with Ste and I think James would do something very dramatic and over the top if he ever found out.

What’s it like working with Kieron Richardson again after all this time?

A lot of fun! His hair’s got bigger so I have to take that into consideration laughs but yes it’s great, Kieron is one of my favourites.

Who would John Paul like his happy ending to be with?

I don’t know actually, maybe Craig? We will say Craig for now.

You have played John Paul for many years now and we’re sure you get asked this a lot but is there a particular day on set that always sticks out for you?

I remember a Christmas Day years ago that we filmed in the McQueen’s. It was when Jacqui and Michaela were here. It took us all day to film a couple of scenes but it was really, really good fun. It was such a happy time for all the family. Even Tina was there! I’m always very fond of the old stuff with the McQueens.

Out of all the boyfriends John Paul has had who would you most like a reunion with?

Good question! I quite liked Spike. If John Paul had a reunion with Spike it would be good because I always enjoyed working with Tom who played him. I feel like there is a lot we could explore with his character. He was only on the show for a short while but we had really good fun and he was a great actor.

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