Hollyoaks’ Jamie Lomas – Killing Bart doesn’t help Warren

Hollyoaks’ Jamie Lomas says Warren Fox doesn’t get the satisfaction he was hoping for when he kills Bart McQueen.

The village bad boy thought he would feel relief and justice for taking Bart’s life in retaliation for what he did to Katy, But the murder actually ends up “hitting him hard” and that’s because he’s about to become a dad to twins with Sienna Blake.

Here Jamie lifts the lid on what’s been going on in Chester…

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What’s going on with Warren?

We’ve just seen Warren take control of The Loft, after Grace couldn’t afford to pay Warren back the £50,000 loan that he gave her. Whilst this was going on, Warren also saw Bart get arrested, but convinced James to get him out on bail – which he did – but Warren then promised Sienna that he wouldn’t go after Bart. However, when Bart turns up on his doorstep, Warren sees red and kills him. So now that he has killed Bart in the heat of the moment, Warren needs somewhere to put the body and the flat next door is empty so he decides to put it in there. But as he and Sienna are moving the body again, Sally and Neeta turn up to move into their new home! Luckily though, he hides Bart in the attic, but he’s going to have to find a way of getting the body out of there…

Warren’s killed before but why has Bart’s murder hit him so hard?

I think this one has hit him so hard because he has the twins on the way. He changed a little in prison and he thought that killing Bart would make him feel better and get justice for Katy, but it just didn’t. His pain and hurt is still there from losing his sister.

How does he think Joel would react if he found out?

He’d be devastated. It’s Joel’s lie that has made Warren kill Bart. Joel is a man of the cloth and they’ve only just reconnected, so it would be Warren’s worst nightmare for his son to find out and potentially drive him away again.

How is Warren and Sienna’s relationship at the minute?

It’s strong at the moment, because in these episodes Warren decides he’s going to hand himself into the police but she stops him from doing that. She doesn’t want to be left on her own with the twins so she ends up helping him move the body. They’re in it together now.

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How do you feel about Warren having a baby with Sienna?

I think with Warren and Sienna as parents the twins don’t really stand much of a chance as they both make very bad choices, but it seems like they both want to do right by their children this time around.

Is Warren excited about the twins or more anxious?

He’s really excited. A family is all he has ever wanted and now he feels like it’s his second chance. Although he did go to James about getting custody, it was only because he didn’t fully trust Sienna after everything that happened with Joel.

How do you think Sienna will react when she finds out about Warren’s secret custody battle for the babies?

She would be devastated. She will only see it one way and won’t see it from his point of view though.

Do you think when Sienna has the twins it will bring her and Warren closer or will he stick to his word and want custody?

I hope it will make them stronger. But you never know what could happen from now until then.

What’s it like for Warren having Joel back and building a strong relationship?

All he’s ever wanted is a family. He’s lost his sister and Joel is the only family he has at the moment, so it’s important to have him around and make up for the wrongs.

How do you think Warren would feel if he found out the truth about Joel killing Katy?

Wow! It would shatter his world, I think. I would hope that Joel had left the village by the time Warren found out because I don’t know what he’d do.

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