Hollyoaks’ Kerry Bennett – Eva and Liam try to do a runner

Hollyoaks actress Kerry Bennett has revealed that Eva is going to try and do a runner from the village with boyfriend Liam Donovan in tow.

Grace Black has been on the warpath and desperate to make Eva suffer ever since she shot her best friend Esther Bloom on New Year’s Eve.

With the help of Grace’s brother Liam, Eva gets as far as the train station but will it be the end of the line for the runaway lovers? Kerry reveals all…

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Can you give us any exclusive goss about what’s happening in this week’s Hollyoaks?

Oh well of course! I am always up for some gossip. We’ve seen in the last few weeks that Grace is determined to get revenge on Eva after she shot Esther instead of Jack on New Year’s Eve. So now Eva has recruited Liam to help her leave the country so she can get away before Grace gets to her first. Luckily for Eva, Liam has been quite the recruit and has stolen money from The Dog and tells his brothers that he’s off travelling. However, as all this is going on, Esther takes a turn for the worst which results in Grace being even more determined to step up her search and get to Eva! Liam and Eva do make it to the train station and get on the train – but the question is, is Grace close enough to catch them before they leave the platform… I am afraid you’ll have to tune in to hear about that.

Is Eva scared of what Grace could do to her? 

Scared?! I don’t think she’s scared of Grace. I think she actually quite enjoys getting under her skin at times. But I think she definitely see’s Grace as a threat, especially after the shooting. She’s aware of the bond she has with Esther, and the way Grace plays dirty.

How does Eva feel about forcing Liam to choose between her and his family?

Pretty bad. She knows how much family means to him, especially with all the stuff that’s going on with Jesse, but she’s never had a family. She doesn’t understand the close relationship he has with them. To her, Liam is her everything and she genuinely loves him so much, she just wants to get away and start a fresh with him. Maybe even start their own family.

How does Eva feel about what she’s done to Esther?

Terrible! All along she’s seen the other Osbornes as collateral damage, but now someone other than Jack has got hurt, she feels awful. So bad she’s ready to turn herself in. She’s only ever wanted to get Jack.

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What’s your favourite thing about Eva? 

She has pretty good style and her vulnerability. To most she only shows this hard, ‘I can do anything on my own’, tough girl facade, but in fact she’s very vulnerable. She just needs love. And we see that side of her when she stops manipulating Liam and allows herself to actually fall for him. I think all of us can empathise with that.

How do you help yourself get into character?

I work with Maxim the most and a lot of the time we’re filming out of sync, so we chat about what’s happened with us before now. Eva’s also had a very different life to me. Hers was incredibly difficult, she’s only had herself, and she’s a fighter and against the odds has come out on top. I’m very lucky, I have amazing family and friends who are always there for me, so remembering how hard her life was and really playing true to that helps. Also because of her background, she is a lot colder than me, and less smiley, physical attributes like that help too.

What has been your favourite day so far at Hollyoaks?

Everyday working with Maxim is the dream of course! But the ‘face to face’ scenes with Jimmy around New Year were awesome. He’s such a talented and generous actor. Working opposite him, bouncing ideas off each other and trying different ways to play the scenes was an absolute pleasure. The scenes were high energy and very intense, we were exhausted by the end of the day, but in a really good way.

What did you think when you first heard about the storyline you were going to be involved in? 

I was made up! When I first read the character breakdown for the casting, I totally fell in love with her and wanted to play her really badly. Yes, she’s dark and dangerous at times, but she can also be loving, compassionate and even insecure. She’s a rounded real character, that’s always really important. I thought it was very cool I was going to be playing a dodgy copper. I can’t think of any other shows that have done that; have a female dodgy police officer, even more so a detective inspector, they’re usually men. A strong, empowered woman, who’s slightly unhinged due to family issues with… the Osbornes! The only other family that could rival them as Hollyoaks royalty would be the McQueens. Brilliant! And a bonus, get to snog Maxim, whose easy on the eye, in this twisted love affair, which’ll be fun to play. I did think, oh no, I’m going to be hated because Jack is obviously a legend and everyone loves the Osbornes.

What’s it like filming alongside the famous Osborne family?

Sadly, I haven’t worked with the rest of the family much yet. I did have a really fun day with Ashley, Jess and Helen in the flat for the ‘shooting’ scenes. It was such an intense and emotionally charged day for us all, and they were so supportive. Ellis is an absolute sweetheart, him and Darren (OB) together are hilarious. They’re like giggly little girls. And of course Jimmy, I love that man! He is totally brilliant and he cracks me up on a daily basis. He loves telling a story, and if you’re new he loves that and latches on. They are amazing stories, just not the third, fourth time round. Ha!

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Do you think Eva could ever forgive Jack?

I think the moment he turned up to help her, this evil image of him changed. She’s never had anyone, apart from Liam, help her out and care about her, despite everything she’s tried to do to him, he did. I like to think she could.

Did you do any preparation before your first scenes to learn more about Eva?

Absolutely! I’m a massive geek and love homework. I’d read this book, ‘The Psychopath Test’, a few years ago, so revisited that. I highly recommend it, it’s so interesting. And I realised Eva isn’t a psychopath; she’s totally a product of her circumstances. She’s not angry at the world and out to get anyone and everyone, she’s specifically angry at Jack, and the unjust life she was dealt as a result of what she believes he did. I also watched ‘The Fall’, specifically Gillian Anderson, who is incredible. She’s a slightly higher ranked officer, but I loved how she played ‘Stella’. How she behaved, how she dealt with people professionally and personally, and the characteristics she had as this strong woman who has worked so hard to be where she is, in such a male orientated world. She’s amazing. I also watched Oliver Stones’s ‘Natural Born Killers.’ Mickey and Mallory’s relationship isn’t the same as Liam and Eva’s, but I wanted to get into the heads of people who can do really bad stuff to people, but still have this twisted, unconditionally love for each other. Told you, massive geek!

Who is your onset best mate? 

I couldn’t possibly pick one! Everyone is absolutely amazing! From cast, to crew, to make up girls, to costume and the design team. It sounds so Brady bunch-esque, but I’m so lucky I get along with everyone (I think, ha!) I always have such a laugh on set, especially around 4 in the afternoon, everyone tends to go a bit stir crazy, and the inappropriate jokes and the biscuits come out.

What is your dream job? 

Anything like Vicki McClure has ever done! She picks great stories to be a part of, and always plays really cool characters; she makes strong decisions and always nails it. I’d love to be given opportunities like that next.

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