Hollyoaks’ Kieron Richardson – Did Leah or Lucas kill Amy?

Hollyoaks bosses may have released a new image detailing the final five suspects in the murder of Amy Barnes – but could two be missing?

Kieron Richardson plays Ste Hay, who is currently behind bars for the crime and will stand trial next week. And he thinks that there could be two more names in the frame – his on screen children Leah and Lucas!

As fans get ready for a week of drama in Chester, here the actor reveals what’s going on in Ste’s mind…

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How scared is Ste feeling going into the trial?

Ste’s feeling massively scared going into the trial because he’s pretty sure he hasn’t done it, but there’s a slight bit of doubt about what really happened that night because he had a blackout. So even though everybody’s telling him he didn’t do it, there is a chance that he could actually be the person who killed Amy. Plus there are people he loves or that he’s connected to that are suspects as well, so it’s not going to end well whatever the outcome.

What is his reaction to Ryan telling him that James is setting him up?

Any sane person would know from the offset that James is never going to be on Ste’s side but it’s quite obvious that Ste isn’t in the right frame of mind and that’s why he’s trusting James. Everything that he’s gone through over the past couple of months: he’s been in prison, he’s been beaten up and not taking his medication, he’s lost Amy and not seen his children – he’s not thinking straight anyway. The fact that Ryan’s the one who’s telling him that James has been setting him up – he doesn’t know what to think. Can he trust Ryan because of the history between those two? He doesn’t know which way to turn.

How confused is he by James and Ryan’s behaviour in court?

It all seems a bit of a pantomime to Ste. It’s a serious situation and his life and freedom are hanging in the balance, but James is having a laugh, fluffing his speeches and saying the wrong thing when he’s supposed to be on his side; then you’ve got Ryan on the other hand who’s been his enemy since day one but is now supporting him and saying “come on Ste, if you don’t believe what I’m saying you’re going to be sent down for a very long time.” It all just adds to Ste’s confusion.

Is he surprised that Harry’s still standing by him?

I don’t think he’s surprised that Harry’s standing by him. Harry’s always been a bit of a puppy dog when it comes to Ste and even after everything that Ste’s done to Harry in the past, he still comes back for more. Harry believes that Ste is innocent and is willing to support him no matter what. I think everyone wants to just tell Harry to ‘man up’ and stop being a fool in love.

What does Ste hope for his future with Harry if he’s found not guilty?

Ste would just hope that they can have a stable relationship for the children. I’m always very defensive of Ste and his fathering skills and I know that he’s made some terrible decisions in the past, but I feel like when it comes to the children it’s always been them that come first no matter what relationship he’s in. Leah and Lucas have had so many male influences in their lives – we’ve got Daddy RyRy at the moment – but I think he would like Ste and Harry to be this great couple to show the kids how to live their life and guide them on the right path. However, with the state of the relationship at the moment, that isn’t going to happen – the kids have seen far too much. Ste wants a love that he’s been yearning for ever since Brendan left him and he’s gone from one relationship to the next trying to recreate it. I don’t know whether or not he would rush back into marriage because it ended miserably with John Paul, but at the minute the prospect of marriage is giving him something to be excited for while he’s in prison in case he ever gets out.

Out of the other suspects, who would Ste put his money on as the murderer?

I think he would wonder whether it could be Leah or Lucas! If it was them, Ste would try and take the rap for them because he does everything for his children and he would be willing to sacrifice his own life for his kids. If it turned out to be Leah or Lucas I think Ste would take the rap and that would be the end of his Chester days…

Are the fans still behind Ste?

I’ve had great feedback from the Ste fans. I’ve seen ‘Free Ste’ t-shirts and some of the fans turned up at the British Soap Awards wearing them and at my shop, so we had a photo together. I like that there’s been a bit of a campaign, even though Ste is an absolute idiot sometimes and considering the mistakes that he’s made, it’s quite nice that the audience do back him. It’s nice that this buffoon – this chav who bobs around the village in his tracksuits – still has a little bit of love for him from the fans.

Have you seen anything of a James camp versus Ste camp?

Oh really? I think it’s the bad boy appeal that the fans like with James – everyone loves a baddie like Trevor, who was so successful in the show, and now James is our resident baddie and he’s brilliant at it. I’m not surprised that people are on his side. I think there’s a bit of love out there for James and Harry – because something obviously happened the night Amy died. I was watching it the other night and they said something that made me go ‘they better not have ended up in bed together’ because you get a bit jealous. It’s weird, I know it’s fictional, but it makes you get angry and jealous thinking ‘he’s cheated on me!’ [laughs]

How do you think fans will feel at the end of trial week?

Every single week on Hollyoaks has jaw-dropping moments and edge of the seat stuff, but I think for this week in particular, viewers are going to have to wire their jaws shut because it’s going to be the biggest of jaw droppers that we’ve had in a very long time… it’s the story that keeps on giving. They’ll get a lot of answers this week – things are going to be revealed this week and it’s all about how certain characters are going to live with it in the future.

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