Hollyoaks’ Kirsty Leigh Porter – Stalker storyline will get more intense

Hollyoaks actress Kirsty Leigh Porter has revealed that her character’s stalker storyline is going to get even more intense in the coming weeks.

Fans will know Leela Lomax is being terrorised and this week she’s led to believe that Peri could be involved. But it seems that’s not quite the end of the story.

As the Lomax family rally around each other in the wake of the news Cameron Campbell has escaped, Kirsty Leigh admits there’s more to come…

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What’s coming up for Leela?

There’s a stalker on the loose who won’t leave Leela alone. I think at first she thinks it’s a joke, but then it gets a bit more worrying; she feels like someone is in her house and she keeps hearing strange noises. This leads her to go to the police and get DS Armstrong involved – it all becomes too much for her. DS Armstrong comes knocking at the door with a mobile number linked to the stalker. Leela is insisting that they ring the number straight away and find out who the stalker is and when they do, they hear the phone ringing in the house. Leela is totally creeped out. They realise that it’s in Peri’s bag, which leads them to think that Peri could be involved.

How would Leela feel if it turned out her own daughter is messing with her?

I think she would be mortified. Peri is going through a tough time with Cameron being put away and not knowing who baby Daniel’s father is, so Leela can kind of see why she’d act out. But at the same time, you’d never expect your daughter to do something like that. She’d be totally shocked but wouldn’t hold back from confronting Peri.

There are so many potential suspects in Leela’s head, does she have any clue who it could actually be?

I think the first instinct for Leela is that it’s Cameron because he’d be after revenge – maybe it’s someone he knows in prison who he’s sent out to do these things to mess with her head. DS Armstrong actually mentions that there’s been a riot at the prison where Cameron is held and that Cameron has escaped. Leela is out of her mind with worry and thinks Cameron is back to get them.

Is the stalker storyline going to get more intense than it is already?

Absolutely yes. You’re going to be in for a massive shock when it’s revealed who the stalker actually is and who’s involved. The levels that they go to are pretty terrifying. But it touches base about things going on at the minute. I’ve read in the news about stuff like this happening for real so hopefully it will give people an incentive to get help if they are being targeted.

On top of being stalked, she also has the pressure of people finding out Louis is Daniel’s father. Do you think she’ll ever want the truth to be known?

No, when she was with Cameron and baby Daniel arrived, she tried to keep things together for her family and was desperate for nobody to know. But when Cameron found out he wasn’t the father, it was left for Leela to look after Daniel on her own and even though Louis wanted to be involved, they agreed that it was best for everyone for it to be kept secret. Leela thinks she is more than capable of doing it on her own, so I think she would be happy for it to stay that way.

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How do you think Peri would react if she found out Louis is Daniel’s dad?

Oh my gosh, I think she would move out and say enough is enough. It’s very tough and a hard thing to explain and I don’t think Louis or Leela would be able to explain how, when and why that happened. So it would be really difficult for Peri to understand.

How would Leela feel if Louis decided he wanted to play a major part in Daniel’s life?

Uproar! There’d be uproar, wouldn’t there? She’s trying so hard to look after her family and keep things under control, so I think she’d be absolutely devastated if Louis tried to change that. Leela thinks she’s more than capable of being a single parent and really doesn’t want that to change.

Will Simone find out that Daniel is Louis’ son and how will she react?

I’m not sure if she will find out but you’ve seen recently that Simone and Leela don’t really see eye to eye as it is, and Simone can put up a good fight. I think it would be good to see them come to blows but it would be awful for Leela because she is actually in the wrong.

Leela isn’t exactly having the best time with this AND just finding out her husband was a serial killer. What do you think could make Leela happier?

I think Leela needs to find somebody that’s not a serial killer for a start [laughs]. Somebody who’ll look after her and slip into her family unit. She also needs to have a bit of fun, she’s still so young and has lost her way because of going through a tough time. It would be nice to see her happy and going out with Tegan, Courtney and Ste and living a more normal life.

If she were to find love in the village again, who would be the ideal match?

I don’t think anyone would be able to handle her. She’s a bit wild in her own little way. The perfect person though… maybe it could be Zack?! They’ve got a thing going on at the moment where they have a really good friendship but it’s a terrible shame that his dad is her baby’s father… that’s a bit awkward. Maybe she needs an older, stable man – that would be nice for Leela. She needs a lovely mature man to arrive in the village.

Are there any characters you haven’t had a storyline with yet that you’d like to?

Yeah, it would be nice to have a storyline with Warren as I could see those two causing a bit of trouble together. I would love to say Anna Passey again. I had a little stint with her when I first started in the show and Sienna and Leela are a really good match so I’d love to have more stuff with her.

What is it like working with Anna Passey and will we be getting any more scenes together in the future?

She’s nothing like her character so that’s nice and she’s a lot of fun to work with. She makes the day go a bit quicker and is so lovely so it would be great if there were more Lienna scenes.


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