Hollyoaks’ Lysette Anthony – I hope Marnie will face her fears

The Nightingales are in for a massive shock in next week’s Hollyoaks when Mac suffers a stroke.

Soap fans will know that James and Marnie have been secretly drugging him as part of their revenge plan, but things spiral out of control when he suffers a stroke.

Feeling guilty, Marnie tells James that they need to end their plan but he refuses and threatens to expose her if she doesn’t continue with their plan.

When the doctor starts asking questions about what could have caused Mac’s stroke, Marnie panics, realising she’s losing control.

Back at home, Marnie is then alarmed when Mac doesn’t recognise where he is or know who James is – will she stop their plan before it’s too late?

Lysette Anthony, who plays Marnie, says her alter ego has mixed feelings about what’s unfolding…

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Can you tell us what is happening with Mac and Marnie in this week’s Hollyoaks?

Marnie and James have had quite an adventure convincing Mac that he has been losing his mind, but this week Mac actually suffers a real-life stroke. This really changes Marnie. You see this amazing moment of love and you know that they have a marriage that just went wrong. In this moment, where Mac thinks he is dying, he becomes very vulnerable, breaks down and admits everything about his affair with Lisa. He begs Marnie to forgive him. This is all that Marnie has ever wanted to hear. She knows that Mac is a cheat but she’s very good at departmentalizing it all. She knows he didn’t mean for Nathan to die, it was just a horrible accident so when he confesses all to her she just can’t help but be drawn to him – he is going through the same pain of losing a son just like she is.

With Mac confessing and apologising, what does this mean for Marnie’s revenge plan?

It grinds to a halt momentarily. However, we shall see what happens after that.

How does James feel about it all?

James feels very betrayed by his mother, but she tries to explain to James that Mac is still his father no matter what. Marnie tries to convince James to find somewhere in his heart to forgive Mac and be the bigger person, but he can’t. James feels like he is being betrayed by everyone.

Do you think Marnie will ever stop playing games with Mac or is that just how their relationship has always been?

I think it’s what they have become, so it would be impossible to stop. If he declared his undying love she would be bored in four seconds. For now, I think there will still be a lot of wailing and arguing.

What is the perfect outcome for Marnie in her situation with Mac?

Marnie would like to come to terms with the true destructive roundabout that is her marriage with Mac. I hope she has the courage to wake up to face her worst fears.

This week on screen we also see Jamie Laing feature, what was it like having him on set?

It was absolutely hilarious. You have to understand one great truth about me is that unless they’ve been on Farming Today or Radio 4 I don’t know who anyone is. That’s the reason myself and Duncan James have become great friends because I had no clue who Blue were and unfortunately, the same goes for Jamie – I had no clue who he was. We did play a really – not nasty – but bordering on unkind prank on him. But being the good sport that he is, he saw the funny side to it. I am not going to ruin it for you, but you will have to check out the clip that will be on Hollyoaks social platforms next week.

How do you feel about all your soap children being nominated for British Soap Awards this year?

I am bubbling with pride. I am so proud of Sophie and Greg and I just think Richard should be nominated for every award. He and Kassius and their cancer story was one of the most beautiful, brave and true performances. It was so important and every time I see it I sob!

Why should people vote for Hollyoaks?

Because it’s the best. Simple. And we are BAFTA nominated so what more can I say?

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