Hollyoaks’ Rachel Adedeji – Lisa will always be drawn to Mac!

Hollyoaks vixen Lisa Loveday has been sleeping with her boyfriend’s dad, Mac Nightingale since November and they’re affair is set to be blown wide open.

After proposing to Lisa, Nathan Nightingale catches her and Mac in a compromising position and sees red.

Meanwhile, Cleo McQueen is on her way to tell Nathan that she loves him and wants them to be together. Will Nathan’s discovery leave the path clear for him and Cleo to finally get their happy ending?

Here Rachel Adedeji, who plays Lisa, reveals all…

It’s been revealed that Nathan is soon going to find out about Mac and Lisa, so what can you tell us about his reaction?

It’s definitely not what Lisa expects, I mean, it just all escalates. Before Lisa can say anything or even try to explain herself it ends in a lot of tears and drama and just totally not what Lisa or Mac were expecting. It’s very explosive and something you definitely need to see!

What is going through Lisa’s head when Nathan catches them?

Literally just shock! There’s also guilt and she’s more apologetic than ever because it just shouldn’t happen and Lisa is upstairs purely to get changed. I am like making excuses for her haha! It really isn’t meant to happen, but unfortunately it does and all her emotions roll into one so it’s the worst for her.

What are Lisa’s true feelings about Nathan at this time?

She does genuinely love Nathan and I think with Mac it’s just that lust feeling and she knows he’ll be there for her when she wants sex. It sounds horrible and gross but Nathan is so sweet and such a nice guy and anything that Lisa or any other woman would want in a man but it’s like Lisa almost feels he’s too good for her. Whereas Mac is just that other person who is quite similar to Lisa – he is all about the lust and that thrilling experience but they are both playing a very dangerous game. However, she does and always will love Nathan because he is the sweetest thing to her!

Who is Lisa’s going to choose?

I think she will always choose Nathan because it’s the guy she truly loves – it’s simply a lust for Mac. She does regret cheating on Nathan and I think every time she goes to Mac, she feels guilt after it. But there is something that makes her keep going back so I don’t know? Mac is obviously doing something right!

How would Lisa feel if anyone else was to discover her and Mac’s affair?

Woah! I think she’d run away forever and hide under a rock haha! That’s the one thing she doesn’t want anyone knowing. It’s just this crazy affair that’s in total secret, they go to each other whenever they want so it’s one of those things she would be totally devastated about. Lisa is a very sassy, strong character but deep down she’s actually a vulnerable little girl so I think she’d be heartbroken and feel hated by the whole world. So let’s just hope nobody else ever finds out…

What possesses Lisa to always run to Mac when things go wrong with Nathan?

She knows that he’s this other character who inside and out is quite similar to Lisa in a sense that he’s ready to play that dangerous game. They both have people at home who love them very much but it’s almost like that thrill of doing it and not getting caught that one time but they keep doing it again and again! It’s just some fun but lets see how long it lasts!

We also know Nathan proposes to Lisa, what are Lisa’s initial feelings about the proposal?

Initially she doesn’t know what to say because she’s in shock. She doesn’t feel like she deserves him because of how lovely he is and she feels really guilty for the way she has treated him. She really just doesn’t deserve somebody to put a ring on it! However, it’s not only Nathan, she doesn’t feel she belongs in the Nightingale family because of all the things she has done wrong and she is slowly beginning to realise that.

Cleo has also been causing a problem for Lisa, does Lisa really dislike Cleo or is it more of seeing her as a threat?

I think initially it was more of a threat because she knew Cleo was someone that Nathan would want. They are much more compatible than Lisa and Nathan – Lisa is so out there and extravagant and Nathan is this cute indie boy! I don’t even know why he puts up with her. But I think it somehow works and people are slowly getting used to them. However, Cleo is more suitable for Nathan so there is a slight hint of jealousy there, but Lisa likes to feel in control and that’s what drives her to Mac because when she doesn’t think she has control she just thinks, right well I’m off to the guy who I don’t need to have nagging me in my ear. Nathan and Cleo are both sweethearts but I am afraid Lisa is winning!

Do you prefer Nathan with Cleo or Lisa?

Personally, I prefer Nathan with Cleo just because I just think they work but if I am answering for Lisa, obviously with Lisa. Currently she is in the lead so let’s keep it that way!

Would you love more Lovedays to join the family?

Do you know what, I would! I want a little baby to come, I know there is little Daniel now so I am sure at some point he will be part of the family but it probably won’t go down well because it’s a love child. Maybe a baby of Lisa’s would be good. Oh my god that would be a great story if she got pregnant who would be the father… Mac or Nathan? Just putting that out there. 😉

If there was any other character you could play in Hollyoaks, who would it be?

Mercedes! I am a big fan of Mercedes. I have been watching Hollyoaks for years and she to me is just like Queen. When you think Hollyoaks you think Mercedes – Queen B.


Stay tuned for a brand new week of Hollyoaks, kicking off tonight (Friday 10th Feb) on E4 at 7pm!


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