Hollyoaks reveal new family

Hollyoaks have revealed there will be two new villagers this spring as fans get to meet the mother and sister of schoolgirl Yasmine.

Mum Misbah, who is played by Harvey Virdi, is a clinical psychologist who has a feisty, hilarious, roaring personality. However, this funny, truth-teller makes people gasp with her blunt honesty and she can read people like a book.

Meanwhile, Farrah will be played by Krupa Pattani who said today: “I can’t believe I’m getting to play such a unique and free spirited character like Farrah in such a wonderful family as the Maaliks. I am absolutely thrilled to be joining Hollyoaks.”

Harvey added: “I’m really excited to be joining Hollyoaks and working with such a talented cast and crew.

“Misbah is quirky, super-bright and forward-thinking, and she’s brought her daughters up to be strong independent women. People might say she’s bossy – but I’d say she knows what she wants…”

Misbah and Farrah will be on screen in the next couple of months.

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