Hollyoaks spoiler – Cleo and Joel hostage drama

Hollyoaks’ Cleo McQueen and Joel Dexter are going to get caught up in a hostage drama next week.

It all kicks off after Darren Osborne meets up with Shane Sweeney and tells him he doesn’t want to deal drugs anymore, but Shane won’t let him go.

Determined to get out from under his control, Darren, with the help of Joel, decide to take Shane down once and for all.

But their plan hits the skids when Shane finds out that Joel is setting him up to the police and kidnaps Cleo in an act of revenge. He takes Joel to where Cleo is locked in an engine room and locks Joel in with her – as they both realise they are now his hostage.

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One response to “Hollyoaks spoiler – Cleo and Joel hostage drama

  1. I think it will bring them closer together, which I think it should get them two together as they both love each other. As for all Joel might be a vicer but doesn’t stop him being with someone as long as he doesn’t have sex before marriage. Which don’t think Cleo wouldn’t mind that after all she only wants to be with him as she loves him. Then I think warren should find them and rescue them

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